Bathroom wallpaper is the thing, and no, the best wallpaper isn't reserved just for other, less damp areas of the house. This wall covering can be a stunningly stylish and functional addition to a typically modest and uninteresting area.

Bathrooms are private spaces where we spend time alone, so it makes sense for them to represent our individual style and be places where we love spending time — installing wallpaper is an instant method to change the ambiance of a space, making it a wonderful way of decorating.

In this article, we've chosen designs that offer the character, color, pattern, and punch, as well as some classic, traditional aesthetics for the minimalists among us.

Can you use wallpaper in the bathroom?

For generations, wallpaper has been a popular kind of house décor. It's been used in homes large and small for hundreds of years, but it wasn't used in bathrooms until the Victorian era. Is it, nevertheless, a smart idea to wallpaper your bathroom?

For the majority of bathrooms, the answer is a big YES. Whether it's a large bathroom, a powder room, or even a rental bathroom, you can use a peel and stick wallpaper unless it's too-humid there.

Our first piece of advice is to order a sample and try it out! It's as simple as that. Place a sample or two on the wall and give it a week to see how it goes. You're on your way to a perfectly wallpapered bathroom if the sample sticks and doesn't bubble. Get excited!

Peel and Stick Wallpaper by DeccoPrint

1. Go bold in a small bathroom

We say it all the time, but the whole “in a tiny space, you should stick to light, neutral colors” concept is a total myth. In a small bathroom, vivid color may have just as much of a space-expanding effect as mild hues, and layering patterns on top of that can further blur the room's boundaries.

Make a statement! A colorful wallcovering or a bold color can make a big difference. There is less space to overlay components in smaller areas, which adds aesthetic appeal. When you only need a few things in a tiny space, it's more fun to play around with color, contrast, scale, and detail.

Cloakrooms are perfect for adopting a unique style and making a dramatic statement. Making a great impact on small spaces, colorful and patterned wallpaper can help to capture the eye and make a tiny space appear larger and brighter.

2. Use nature-inspired bathroom wallpapers

We feel tranquil, relaxed, and joyful when we spend time in nature, which is why nature-inspired prints are popular for wallpaper. Consider introducing nature-inspired wallpaper into your bathroom if you want to make it more entertaining and enjoyable.

Do we like tropical designs because they remind us of sitting under a palm tree by the sea, enjoying a nice breeze? Whatever the reason, tropical designs are trending right now.

Tropical peel and stick wallpaper can also be used to create a vibrant and bold bathroom. This may also give a room an exhilarating, energizing vibe.

Palm wallpaper patterns are an excellent choice if you want to make a dramatic statement but keep the color palette modest. Many use a white or another monotone background with vivid green palm foliage.

Since the tree images produce a more gentle, linear appearance, a forest theme might be a more subtle method to create a nature-inspired impression. Forest prints are frequently available in neutral colors that reflect nature's palette, making them ideal for folks who enjoy a rustic look.

Bathroom with floral wallpaper

3. Choose a bathroom mural with a view

Nothing beats a wall mural in the bathroom for making a bold statement! Mural ideas work well in bathrooms since they may create a stunning backdrop behind a roll-top bath, increasing the drama of the bath design and drawing attention to this wall.

The artwork you select should reflect your personal tastes while also complementing the bathroom's current fixtures and equipment. Consider what you'd like to see as you get ready for the day. If you're drawn to soothing imagery, look for artwork that instills a sense of peace, such as serene beach views or blended sunset skies.

This innovative decorative addition ensures style and relaxation by bringing a sense of whimsy to your walls! A bathroom wall mural can also transport you to another place or time by evoking memories of a favorite location or period.

4. Balance a dark bathroom wallpaper with lighter floors 

In the bathroom, dark, dramatic colors look fantastic! Dark hues are ideal for creating a statement bathroom décor, from dramatic black to graphite gray and midnight blue. Above all, these colors serve in the creation of coziness and the appearance of space. Add some light, neutral, or white contrast to keep the effect from getting too dark and cave-like.

Bathroom with black and white wallpaper

5. Try out tiled bathroom peel and stick wallpaper

In a bathroom, almost everyone likes the look of tile. However, not everyone has the financial means to start a significant renovation project. One of the reasons we choose self-adhesive, peel-and-stick faux tile patterns for your bathroom is this. You can get the look of imported tile without the high cost or the risk of losing your security deposit.

6. Go for graphic and minimal

When it comes to bathroom wallpaper, you don't always have to go for the super-patterned look. A geometric print makes a bold, yet discreet, statement. Geometric papers have a modern, fresh vibe. With high-contrast white subway tile, the design usually works perfectly.

A graphic chevron print, another classic bathroom wallpaper concept, will always be timeless in appeal and can even help you make the space feel larger than it is.

A bold geometric pattern will also make your little shower room feel lively, giving the impression that it is larger than it is. Begin by selecting a huge geometric print wallpaper with a high contrast color scheme. The design will attract the admirer's full attention as it bounces off the walls, diverting them from their modest proportions.

Peel and stick pattern in bathroom

7. Bring a vintage feel with an ornate blue and white print

Bathrooms with large dimensions are ideal for decorative wallpapers because they allow the designs to shine while also making the space feel more comfortable and intimate.

You can't go wrong with a sinuous chinoiserie-style design in blue and white for traditional elegance. People are looking for a style that is multi-layered and emphasizes color and design. Using the same design on the walls, blinds, and curtains makes a bold statement and is a great way to give a room style.

8. Try faux terrazzo

One of the advantages of wallpaper is that it may be used to imitate high-end materials at a lower cost. You may always go faux with bathroom wallpaper if you prefer luxurious materials like marble, granite, glass mosaic, or terrazzo but don't have the means.

Terrazzo pattern by DeccoPrint

9. Give a try to bird bathroom wallpaper

Bird wallpaper is a fantastic way to bring color and character to a small bathroom. It's a classic motif that has remained popular for hundreds of years. A bird wallpaper may work in any interior style, with styles ranging from eye-catching bohemian prints to more modest traditional themes. Larger bird designs in bright color combinations will assist to make a bathroom feel larger by diverting attention away from the room's small proportions. To improve the impression of space and allow the wallpaper to take center stage, balance the boldness of the design with a white bathroom suite and light-colored carpeting.

10. Choose coastal bathroom wallpaper

If you want to decorate your bathroom around a theme, a seaside design is perfect for small bathrooms. Ocean waves and coastal motifs help to conjure the feeling of being out in the open with plenty of fresh air. Coastal wallpapers and nautical prints are ideal for pairing with seaside-inspired home furnishings to create a cohesive color scheme that will feel well-planned.

Coastal wallpaper designs can also be blended with other interior styles to create a matching scheme that is completely unique to your home. Fish-themed wallpapers, for example, are always popular because they are a nice alternative to classic beach-hut-inspired designs. Their individual characters bring color and pattern to the table with an eclectic touch that will keep the audience fascinated for hours.

March 23, 2022