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Kid’s room is such a magical place. It is where a lot of dreams are born, where superheros live, and where unbelievably amazing things happen. And a room’s interior can play a big role in this creation of the imaginary world. Imagine going to space when there are real stars and spaceships right next to you or playing with stuffed animals when there is a baby elephant looking over your shoulder – it all become so much more realistic and fun!

Decorating a kid's room can come as a challenge. You need to find something that will work for the first years of his or her life, but also that will transfer well to later years. Basically, there are two routes you can go to – choose a subtle print for a traditional wallpaper or go for a stick and peel kids wallpaper and change it up every few years. It all depends on your idea for the room, whether you are interested on making a remodel once in a while and in the end, whether you live in a rental apartment or a permanent home.

What wallpaper print to choose? It is definitely up to you and your kid’s preferences! Below, we have compiled a few of the most famous kids wallpaper print categories you can choose from – we are sure you will find something to your liking. But if not, definitely have a peak at our primarily wallpaper selection – there are also a lot of prints that might work for a kid's room as well.