Traditional wallpaper KEY BENEFITS

Paper-based, smooth, matte material. PVC-free and printed using the highest quality inks certified for indoor use.

Requires additional wallpaper glue or paste for application.

Adheres well for a long-lasting result.

Ideal for every room in your home. Suitable for spaces with higher humidity levels.

Has a slight warm undertone, giving liveliness to the design.

Ideal for experienced or professional use.

About Traditional material

DeccoPrint's Traditional Wallpaper embraces time-honored and well-known wallpaper techniques on premium paper-based material, guaranteeing that your wallpaper will be vivid in colors, detailed, and crisp even in the tiniest details. Well-loved by professionals and amateur home improvement enthusiasts.

When to consider Peel&Stick

Top choice for professionals

As this material requires a little experience and it is long lasting, professionals prefer to use it in their work.

When to consider Peel&Stick

Ideal for any room in your home

For those who want to have beautiful walls in a humid bathroom or warm kitchen.

When to consider Peel&Stick

Permanent design solution

If you own your home or your landlord allows it, traditional wallpaper material is ideal as it can last you a lifetime.

About our traditional wallpaper

Traditional wallpaper, also known as paste-the-wall wallpaper, is a type of wallpaper that has been used for centuries to decorate homes and buildings. Explore the timeless allure of traditional paper-based wallpapers—crafted with care in mind and designed to enhance your living spaces with a long-term design solution. Our wallpapers require the classic application method, utilizing wallpaper glue for a seamless finish that withstands the test of time.This process requires some level of skill and experience to ensure a smooth finish and avoid bubbles or wrinkles.

For this wallpaper you will need to buy a special wallpaper glue. Most professional wallpaper installers preferer paper-based, traditional material and these wallpapers are great for long-term permanent installations! Traditional wallpaper can provide a high-end and luxurious look to a room that paint alone cannot achieve. It also offers a wider variety of designs, patterns, and textures to choose from, allowing for more creative expression in interior design. Traditional wallpaper can also be more durable and long-lasting than paint, especially in high-traffic areas.

Some advantages of using traditional wallpaper over other types of wall coverings include its durability, versatility in terms of design options, and ease of application. Wallpaper is also typically easier to clean and maintain compared to painted walls, and can offer additional benefits such as noise reduction and insulation.

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