Removable wallpaper KEY BENEFITS

Easy to remove without damage.

Perfect for DIY projects on many different surfaces

Ideal for renters and short-term solutions.

Easy to apply without additional wallpaper glue.

Self-Adhesive with sticky backing that can be re-used.

Textile-based and has a slight texture. PVC-free and printed using highest quality inks certified for indoor use.

About Self-Adhesive material

DeccoPrint's Peel & Stick Wallpaper is the ultimate design solution, offering effortless transformation for your home. We use the newest, highest-grade technology and a specifically adapted textile-based material, guaranteeing that your wallpaper will be vivid in colors, detailed and crisp even in the tiniest details.

When to consider Peel&Stick

Renting and temporary spaces

If you're renting or plan to change the decor frequently, this material is ideal as it's removable without damaging walls.

When to consider Peel&Stick

DIY projects and specific areas

It's great for accent walls, small areas, furniture, DIY or spaces where traditional wallpaper might be challenging to apply.

When to consider Peel&Stick

Beginner-friendly and mess-free

For those new to wallpapering, peel-and-stick can be more forgiving, allowing for adjustments during application without the mess of glue.


How to apply removable wallpaper

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About our peel&stick wallpaper

We offer textile-based self-adhesive, removable, peel and stick wallpapers, which is the future of wallpapers! They work like a really big sticker – you won’t need to buy or apply extra glue. Much easier application process! When you want to change the design, you can easily take the previous self-adhesive wallpaper off and you won’t cause any damage to the wall. Given this, the wallpaper will still last a long time! Now you can change the aesthetics of your room very quickly – just peel and stick! That’s the perfect way to make your home more stylish!

Discover the marvel of peel-and-stick wallpaper—crafted with certified, premium materials that promise longevity without compromise. Our removable wallpaper is PVC-Free, which is a leap beyond conventional vinyl wallpapers. This innovative material ensures safety for our manufacturers, installers, and the environment, free from toxic emissions or dioxin exposure, setting a new standard in wall coverings.

But what truly sets our self-adhesive wallpapers apart is their unique feature—removability without a trace! Perfect for renters, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a hassle-free home makeover, these wallpapers adhere seamlessly and peel off cleanly, leaving walls pristine and damage-free. Embrace the freedom to experiment, create, and revitalize spaces with zero mess or residue.

Designed to cater to your individual taste, our print-to-order method minimizes waste while offering an array of exclusive designs. Experience the convenience of a transformation that's as simple as peel, stick, and revel in a home that reflects your style effortlessly. Ideal for those seeking an easy, mess-free upgrade, our peel-and-stick wallpapers redefine decorating possibilities, making every space a canvas for personal expression

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