Wallpapering kitchen cabinets is a fun and interesting idea of how to spruce up a space. It is easily done in rental spaces as well as forever homes. You can choose from various patterns and find something that perfectly fits your kitchen look. Keep reading to learn more!

Wallpaper in the kitchen – why not?

It is time to fight the stigma that wallpaper is not suitable for the kitchen. It’s true, that you need to take into account the moist conditions and cooking spatter, but the kitchen can still benefit from wallpaper.

You can wallpaper all the kitchen walls from the breakfast nook area to the kitchen backsplash. Or add a little color and pattern to the kitchen cupboards – inside and out.

What you need to keep in mind when wallpapering the kitchen:

  • The best wallpaper for the kitchen is peel and stick.
  • For the backsplash and moist areas use an acrylic or glass cover.
  • For other areas, you can use bare wallpaper.

Wallpapering the kitchen cabinet doors

Choosing to wallpaper kitchen cabinets is a brave and interesting idea, especially if you choose a bold print. If you go for a subtle pattern in neutral colors, then wallpaper can even substitute for paint.

Why choose wallpaper vs paint for kitchen cabinets?

Let’s see why wallpaper might be the best choice for you when thinking of redoing kitchen cabinets:

  • Perfect solution for rental space. If you want to spruce up your rental space and you are not allowed to make a lot of changes (or you don’t want to invest in the long term), peel and stick wallpaper on kitchen cabinets is the way to go. This way you can remove all the wallpaper when you move out and the kitchen will look the same as before. But while you are living there you will get an amazing-looking kitchen with beautiful cabinets.
  • Easy to install. When installing peel and stick wallpaper you don’t need to do much to prep the cabinets. Just wipe them clean and start applying! It can be done fairly quickly and you can get a makeover done in the kitchen in one day.
  • Covers imperfections. If your kitchen cabinets are a little bit run down but you don’t want to invest in restoring them right now, the right peel and stick wallpaper can cover all the imperfections and make your kitchen go from drab to fab in just a few days.
  • Bold statement. Apart from practical implications, wallpapered kitchen cabinets can give you a bold statement in the kitchen. If that’s what you like and enjoy, wallpapered kitchen cabinets are the way to go!
  • Partial coverage. Also, keep in mind that to have a fresh look you don’t have to wallpaper the cabinets head to toe. You can choose an area, for example, the middle part and wallpaper just that. Or wallpaper just the upper cabinets and keep the lower cabinets painted.
  • Explore your creativity. Peel and stick wallpaper is very versatile, you can use it in many different ways! Look for solutions and ideas that will work exclusively in your space.

Wallpaper ideas for kitchen cabinets doors

When you have decided to wallpaper your kitchen cabinets, the next question is – what kind of wallpaper print to use? Here are some ideas!

Black and white wallpaper ideas for kitchen cabinets

Black and white is a classical choice. It won’t be too overwhelming but will give your kitchen a good boost. Check out these black and white wallpaper patterns:

  • Precise arrows. A little bit boho touch can go a long way.
  • Stylized roses. Abstract and contemporary. Good choice for modern kitchen vibes.
  • Watercolor hexagon. Has a tile feeling to it. The hexagon shape makes it interesting but black and white coloring tones it down.

Geometric pattern wallpaper ideas for kitchen cabinets

Geometric patterns are always a good choice when you need something fresh but you don’t want too many patterns around you. Choose a pattern that has only two colors, and it will have a subtle but fun look! Here are some ideas:

  • Curved white lines. Simple and contemporary. The white and beige color leaves a subtle impression.
  • Vertical rectangles. With a little bit more color, this wallpaper can be a hit for your kitchen!
  • Poly Lines. Interesting, geometric lines that create triangle-like forms. It’s fun but yet not overwhelming.
  • Hand-drawn grid. For those who love math, this wallpaper that resembles squared paper might be it!
  • Honeycomb. Lovely grid print, but is made of cute, minimalistic hexagons.

Floral wallpaper ideas for kitchen cabinets

Florals can be a tricky print for a kitchen. Most likely, you don’t want your kitchen to resemble your grandma’s bedroom (except if that is your style!), so here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Choose neutral colors. Floral print can be very colorful and very neutral. Choose the latter!
  • Avoid pink, little flowers. To not get old lady bedroom vibes, avoid pinks, reds, and white together in a tedious flower print.
  • Coordinate colors. Make sure the floral wallpaper's overall color goes well with the kitchen aesthetic.

That said, check out these great floral wallpapers for kitchen cabinet doors:

  • Dark garden. This is THE choice for a moody kitchen look.
  • Coastal charm. Wallpaper that brings out the neutral color palette very well.
  • Abstract ditsy. For a fun and eclectic kitchen, this red and white wallpaper is perfect.
  • Ethereal blooms. A subtle floral print in light lavender will give a soft touch to your kitchen.
  • Poppy field. If you want something more colorful, but still tasteful, check this wallpaper!
  • Botanical gardens. A little bit of the 70-ties vibe can go a long way in a vintage kitchen.
  • Centaurea Cyanus. Blue and white minimalistic wallpaper with unusual flowers.

Art Deco wallpaper ideas for kitchen cabinets

ArtDeco has some elegant patterns that can give a kitchen new, fresh and luxury look. See for yourself! Here are some great ArtDeco wallpaper choices for cabinets:

  • Give a Toast. Beige with gold will have a warm and luxurious feel that can make a kitchen cozy in no time.
  • Gilded Ballroom. The oval rectangles make an extraordinary pattern. The dark color will go well with a luxurious and mysterious kitchen vibe.
  • Old Sport. White and gold will brighten up your kitchen. The spiral-type form is enticing and reminds of shells.
  • My Chardonnay. White and yellow grid from round shapes has an ArtDeco hint and works very well in the kitchen.

Wallpapering inside the kitchen cabinets

A very popular choice of how to use wallpaper in the kitchen is to wallpaper the back of cabinets. Why and with what kind of wallpaper to do it? Keep reading!

Why wallpaper the back of kitchen cabinets?

You might be wondering why wallpaper something in the back. Won’t it get covered up by items anyway? Here are some good reasons why do it:

  • Gives a design touch to regular shelves. Depending on what kind of print you choose (minimalistic vs bold) you will get a designer vibe injection of your choice.
  • Adds color. Wallpapering the back of cabinets is an easy way how to add a splash of color to the kitchen without it being too much.
  • Makes a shelf feel finished. If you are, for example, removing cabinet doors to have open shelves, wallpaper on the back will make them look intentional, not unfinished.
  • Spruces up run-down cabinets. If you want to get a fresh feel for your cabinets on the inside as well, add some wallpaper to the back. And voila! A cabinet feels just like new in just a few moments.

Wallpaper ideas for the inside of kitchen cabinets

Overall, you can use whatever wallpaper you like for the back of your cabinets. That said, here are some great options to check out and spark your imagination:

  • Birch Leafage. The minty green and white combination has a refreshing look that goes well with a lot of kitchen aesthetics.
  • Spring cocktail. To bring in some color, try this spring cocktail of bright colors and beautiful flowers.
  • Seashells in bloom. Terrazzo is a great pattern to bring in some texture without having a particular print.
  • Through Aveiro. The white and blue tile print is very nice and refreshing for the kitchen.
  • Sun Cottage. Teal and Gold ArtDeco-style wallpaper can add some color and elegant flair to a beautiful kitchen.

Frequently asked questions about wallpapering kitchen cabinets


Can I put wallpaper on my kitchen cabinets?

Yes, you can! Just choose peel and stick wallpaper and you can add it to almost any surface – wood, glass, or plastic.

Is it hard to wallpaper cabinets?

Not at all! It is almost the same as wallpapering walls. You will just need to take into account any relief the cabinets may have and you will need to cut small holes for the handles and knobs. If you are wallpapering the back of a cabinet, then you will just need to take out the shelves and then it is just like wallpapering the wall.

Can we stick wallpaper on laminate cabinets?

Yes, you can! Just choose peel and stick wallpaper and you are golden. Using peel and stick wallpaper on kitchen cabinets (any kind) can be a really good option for rental spaces or if you want to spruce up your kitchen fast.

In conclusion

Wallpapering cabinets – doors or the back – is a great way how to elevate your kitchen's overall look. It can give a splash of color, hide some imperfections, or give a “facelift” to a rental kitchen or a rundown space. It is also easy to experiment with peel and stick wallpaper and change it often if your heart desires frequent change.

June 21, 2024