Every year, the Pantone Color Institute releases its "Color of the Year." This color is said to reflect the cultural mood and trends of the year. The 2022 color is Very Peri – a periwinkle violet tone that combines blue and red hues. Added to home decor, it will give a lively feel and a splash of color.

A little bit more about Very Peri

Very Peri is a PANTONE 17-3938 color. It is an intriguing violet tone also described as periwinkle blue or soft lavender. First time ever, the Pantone Color Institute has released a new tone specifically for the color of the year. They say that this decision appropriately reflects the transformative era we are now living in.

Very Peri represents the new fusion between in-person and digital communication in our lives. The boundaries between the digital and physical world are reshaping and we are stepping into a new era of digitalization. And this year's violet shade is here to inspire a more dynamic, flexible, and futuristic lifestyle.

Colors that match well with Very Peri

To make your home look cohesive, you need your colors to match nicely. And good news! Looks like Pantone has thought about that because almost all colors of the year go together nicely.

Here are some of the previous years' colors that go well with Very Peri – softly yellow called "Illuminating" (2021), "Ultimate Gray" (2021), "Classic blue" (2020), "bright green tone "Greenery" (2017), and soft pink called "Rose Quartz" (2016).

If you are someone who has accumulated items in the color of the year throughout the years, there will be some things that will go well with this year's color too. Very Peri violet also looks good with white, grey, beige, pink, blue, orange, yellow, and green.

Very peri colors

Decorating with Very Peri

We understand that changing the whole interior of your home to match the new color of the year is a lot to ask and most likely not wise as well. But it is possible to bring a little bit of Very Peri into the house with smaller decor elements. Here are some ideas on how you can express the new Very Peri into your home!

Stick and peel wallpaper – statement wall with the Very Peri color

Since the peel and stick wallpaper is easy installed and removed, it is a perfect option for adding a little or a lot of the Very Peri to your home. That way you can change up your space every year according to the color of the year or other design trends. Stick and peel wallpaper is an opportunity to experiment. It is a trouble-free way how to give a room a new look with no or little hassle.

You can choose to go for a single-colored stick and peel wallpaper or choose one that has big elements in the Very Peri color, for example, flowers or birds. A good option is also geometric shapes in the corresponding color. If you want to go for a more subtle look, choose a wallpaper that has just a few elements in the purple tone, for example, small flowers in an overall beige wallpaper.

Pillows – pile them up or add just one

Pillows are a fun way how to spice up almost any room – you can find a place for a pillow in the living room, the bedroom, entryway, kitchen, and even outdoor patio. Why not add a Very Peri pillow to your collection?

You can go different ways about it – add just one violet pillow to the pillow pile or go all out and exchange all the pillows so they all include a Very Peri color. It all depends on how much money you want to spend on this little pillow makeover and how much you personally enjoy this tone.

A fun idea would be to create a "Pantone of the year" couch with pillows. Just start with a pillow in one year's color, and keep adding a new color every year. It will be a colorful mess, but if the couch is in a neutral color, like gray, and you don't mind a little bit of an uncoordinated look in your home decor, it is a perfect way how to express your appreciation for colors.

Very peri color pillows on the sofa

Throw blankets will hug the furniture just in the right color

Another great way how to add a Very Peri color to your home is as easy as adding a throw blanket to your couch or armchair. Since throw blankets can be quite big, they will bring a lot of the trendy violet into your home. And when the time comes, you can easily exchange it for the next year's color.

Lighten up the room with Very Peri candles

Candles have gone a long way from being practical tools that help us light the room to just being a cute and sometimes fancy decoration. Since candles anyway are objects that are meant for burning and not for lasting long, they are perfect for displaying trends like the color of the year.

You can choose a candle in the twist form or go for a torso candle – both are on-trend right now. A good option is also candles in glass jars and other containers. Whatever exterior you choose, a candle is a great decor element that can also be used for setting the mood.

Towels – add a little bit of Very Peri to the kitchen and bathroom

Towels are a great way how to add a splash of Very Peri to the kitchen area or bathroom. Since towels are an item that wears out in time, they are perfect for following trends. Also, if you want your friends to know that you are up to date with what’s new in the world, hand towels are the perfect way to do it. Since they are one of the things that will be used by your guests, they will definitely get noticed.

Morning coffee from the Pantone of the Year mug

Another small item with which you can show the color of the year in your interior is a mug. You can use it as a regular mug, or just have it as a decoration where you store, for example, pencils. It can be the official Pantone mug from their website or any other mug in the perfect violet tone.

Very Peri flower in a mug

Wall art designs – pre-made or custom printed

Why not change up the wall art in your home? This is a wonderful opportunity to explore the Very Peri color and integrate it into your home decor. It can be a small print or a big one. You can find something online or have it custom-made. It will not only bring a little bit of the trendy Very Peri color into your home but will also refresh your interior with something new.

Sweet dreams in Very Peri bedding

Feel on-trend even in your good night's sleep! Bedsheets in the Very Peri color will have a calming effect and will bring a little bit of 2022 into your bedroom. The best part – it doesn't have to compete or coordinate with the rest of the room decor, since bed sheets are visible only during the nighttime. And it is always nice to get a fresh set of bedding, why not go for the one in the color of the year then?

Throw a color of the year party

A perfect way how to show off the color of the year is to include it in your party decorations. Have balloons in the Very Peri color or a cake or cookie glaze in the lilac tone. Single-use paper cups and the festive chain flags can have this tone as well. You can also have flowers in the violet shade, that would be a nice touch. And remember, you don't even need to buy all the decorations, there is always an option to rent.


As you can see, it is not difficult at all to include a little bit of the color of the year into your home decor. So go ahead and experiment! And don't forget to enjoy the process. After all, your home is supposed to be your personal oasis where you can relax and feel comfortable.

Very peri DeccoPrint Wallpaper on the wall

July 20, 2022