Sometimes the home office is a place that more often than not gets a little bit forgotten when it comes to decorating since in the most basic terms you need just a desk, a chair, and a computer to work. However, the truth is you will spend most of your days in your home office, so it should be the first place you decorate. Take time and create an inspiring, put-together environment that boosts your productivity and pushes you to achieve more. Are you ready to dive in and start decorating? Keep reading!

Planning a home office



First of all an office is meant for work. So you need to think about what furniture, decor, and other elements are necessary for you to have a good environment for a successful workday. If you are not sure what you need, a good rule of thumb is to not decorate right away, but work in the office for a while (maybe getting just the basics – a placeholder desk and a chair). While doing that you will notice what are you needs when working from home, and then you can decorate accordingly. What to consider: 1. Do you need a whole room for the office? If you do work from home just one day a week maybe a designated spot for work in another room might work for you. However, if you are a full-time freelancer or remote employee an office room is definitely what you need. 2. Will you host professional meetings in your home office? If you are planning on meeting clients in your home office, think about the setting. Will you talk to them on the couch or do you need a small conference table? 3. Desk size and location of the workstation. Depending on your work, figure out how big of a desk you need and where you want your main workstation to be. Do you need space on the desk for lots of papers? Are you planning to have one or more external monitors? Or maybe you just need a place for your laptop on the desk and that is your preferred work setup. Talking about the location think about the light source. Maybe you were dreaming of setting up a desk by the window, but it might turn out that there is direct sunlight coming from the window most of the time. In that case, it will be hard to look at your computer. Also, think about the glare – the light shouldn’t come from your behind as well. 4. How big and what kind of storage will you need? Anyone who has a job needs some kind of storage – at least for their computer. But depending on your niche and personal preferences, you might need more. Before you arrange your home office, decide on what kind of storage you will need.

Functionality in a office


Layout is not only necessary to understand the sizing of furniture, but it also plays a big role in the functionality of the room. You need to make sure everything has its spot and is placed in the most convenient place. It will help you to have a distraction-free place that is just for work. Also, it is wise to make your workplace as functional as possible to avoid any extra stress and annoyance. In order to do that, choose solutions that help you to keep the room in order – properly sized shelves, drawers, enough storage, and so on.

Office layout

Color scheme

To have a coherent room look – choose a color scheme beforehand. And it includes not only wall color, but also furniture tones and furnishings. Make sure you stick to three to four colors when choosing a color scheme for your office and any other room.

Your budget

When planning any room renovation or improvement, budget usually plays a big role. Be aware of your budget and choose things that fit into the sum of money you are willing to spend. It is also totally fine to decorate over time – you don’t need to buy everything in one weekend, spread it out!


Decorating a home office


Choosing a desk

Desk is one of the most important pieces of furniture for your office since it is a place where you will spend most of the time. It is wise to invest in a good, high-quality desk that will serve you for years to come. When choosing a desk, think not just about how it looks, but about its function as well. Maybe a desk that is adjustable in height is the right choice for you? It gives you the option to work standing or sitting, which is a good change for the back, neck, and legs.

When you have decided on a desk that works for your functionality wise, you can start looking for design details. Consider the color, materials, and look of the legs. Also, the corners of the desk surface are important – do you want them sharp or rounded? It is a design choice as well as a practical one.

Choosing a chair

Chair as well as a desk is a very important part of your office and of your weekday. To be truly satisfied with your chair, make sure you choose a chair firstly based on its properties, and just then consider its looks. Even though a cute-looking chair straight from a Pinterest photo might be your dream, if it is uncomfortable and gives you back pain, it can very fast turn into a nightmare. That’s why functionality first, and looks second.

If you are buying a chair online, read the reviews of real users as well as check what the return policies are. That way you can make sure you buy something that lots of people consider good for them as well you give yourself the option to send it back if, in the end, it doesn’t fit your needs.

Once you have the practical details in check, look for a chair that suits your color scheme and preferably goes well with the desk. For example, both, a desk and a chair, can have the same furnishing or materials for legs. That way both items will look very nice and intentional together.


Wallpaper is a decor element that will take up most of the space. It is an easy way how to set the mood for the room without dealing with lots of details and different pieces. Of course, you can always choose to go bare on the walls and just paint, but why not add a little bit of design and fun? If you are not ready to commit to one type of design, choose peel and stick wallpaper. You can easily add it and easily remove it – no glue residue left. If you are feeling confident and your living situation allows it – go all in with traditional wallpaper. The choice is yours!

Here are a few amazing wallpaper designs for a home office: Golden Palm, Vertical Ribbons, Watercolor Hexagons, and Gradient Stripes. If you wanna see more designs, click here!

Wallpaper in a home office


Good lighting in an office is very crucial for your eye health and overall feeling of self. When it is daylight make sure the light is coming in through the windows but in a way that doesn’t disrupt your work. If it is way too bright, it might hurt your eyes and make you feel uncomfortable. In that case, curtains are a good solution.

When choosing artificial lighting, definitely choose a desk lamp as well as an overhead lamp. The bulb for the desk lamp needs to meet the appropriate lux for reading, so you can have the best experience.

As with everything else, once you have dealt with the functionality side of things, decide on the design and looks.

Lighting in a office

Storage options

Storage means not just shelvings, closets, and drawers. Storage is also baskets, boxes, and other containers. Depending on your space and needs, utilize different storage solutions!

Make sure you have a proper storage place for all your notebooks and paper goods. Also, you definitely need a stationery organizer on your desk to keep your pens, pencils, and other bits and bobs in one place. A clean and tidy desk sets a perfect mood for a good work session, so find solutions to keep your desk in order.

Baskets are great for storing different things. Starting with an extra blanket for colder days and ending with wrapping paper and other supplies.

The same goes for boxes. Boxes are good because they have a rectangular form, so it is possible to have an organizer inside the box. That way it is easier to keep the box organized inside as well.

When choosing these different storage solutions think about the color scheme and the overall feel of the room. Make sure they fit into the design you have chosen.

Other accessories

And then there are those elements that not necessarily are functional but that set the mood and make a room (including an office) homey and filled with good vibes. That includes: 1. Candles. If you are a candle person, go for it! Light a candle once you start working. It will be your own ritual that sets you up for a great workday. 2. Wallart. Wallart is great for decorating walls and making a room feel more lived in. It is also a chance to express your personal style and opinion. 3. Pillows. If you have a couch in your office, throw some pillows on it! Yes, you can live without them, but it will be a much more put-together look with some throw pillows. 4. Plants. Greenery inside is always a good idea no matter the room. Go for it! 5. Other decorative items. For example, figurines, candle holders, vases, etc.

Other accessories in a home office.

In conclusion

When decorating an office, remember to first think about functionality and then about the looks. But nevertheless, it is possible to find pieces that are functional and beautiful and will fit your personal needs. A home office has to be a place where you achieve your greatest potential, let your office decor inspire you to do that!

March 16, 2023