A pandemic seems to be the most logical time for home work normalization. It is safe, as well as comfortable, and - perhaps a bit surprising - also quite productive, if done right. Let’s go through some ideas on how you can do just that.

The first and the most important step is to decide where to place the home office. The catch is that different places and things create different associations. For example, bed is for sleeping, kitchen table - for eating. That’s why it is recommended to have a separate room for work, or at least a corner. Work is easier without distractions!

The work room then needs to be prepared for the specific work that will be done there, as furniture and the arrangement of it may differ. Phone calls should happen in isolated room; if there is a lot of paperwork, then a cabinet and a printer are musts. Such things need to be preplanned even if the home office is made for just computer work - space should be made for a mouse, monitor, charger, etc.

Proper lighting is essential for both your health and productivity. Nature knows best, so they say, which is why using sunlight is recommended - it changes dynamically during the day, doesn’t put too much strain on eyes. When Sun is down, a good alternative is the so called ambient lighting. This means using a bunch of smaller lights that light up the room evenly and without long shadows, as opposed to one strong source. A popular option is something similar to the Christmas lights, but with one color. By choosing correct lighting, your eyes will thank you!

Air quality in workplace is a hot topic as of late, and home office is no exception! Work in a stuffy room is definitely not productive. Nature comes to rescue again in the form of plants. In addition to reducing the amounts of CO2, plants also function as a design element, bringing color and life to a room.

Home office’s primary function doesn’t mean that everything should be purely functional. Quite the contrary, decorative elements can eliminate monotony, boredom, even create inspiration. Moreover, as discussed before, a home office is usually detached, hidden from the rest of the home, creating an opportunity to experiment with looks. Hang up a weird artwork? Place an unusual lamp on the table? Install a colorful wallpaper on the whole wall? Yes, yes, yes! Oh, and by the way, we can help with that last one - our shop has a great amount of designs to choose from, you can also create a custom design to style your home office however you want! 

Last, but not least, it is advisable to bring elements from other rooms, especially relaxation - related (sofa, armchair), because you should take a break once in a while, and it is helpful to think in a stress free environment. This furniture helps take advantage of the fact that a home office is located in your home indeed.

Are you ready to work on your new workplace?

June 10, 2021