As girls grow older, their bedroom becomes their haven from the outer world. There is no set stereotyped way to pursue when it comes to girls' bedroom designs, whether they are pink-loving princesses or prefer dark colors and drama.

While pinks and pastels are still fashionable in girls' rooms, they are no longer required for decorating, and there are many ways to show their unique personalities through a variety of styles and colors.

Maybe they've been seeking a makeover for months, or you've noticed their current space isn't quite up to par. In any case, these shared girls’ bedroom ideas will help you create the environment of their dreams.

Invest in bunk beds with storage

There are a plethora of unique bunk bed options available to suit your needs! Bunk beds with storage are a great way to save space in a shared bedroom for your girls. Plus, these multi-functional furniture pieces free up more space on the floor for kids to play.

Bunk bed with storage

Keep the heads together

Are you looking for a way to accommodate two children? Try arranging twin beds in an "L" form! You'll save a lot of floor space by tucking the beds into the corner. During the day, you may add more cushions to the unit to make it look like a couch. Genius!

Find a room divider

With a room divider, you can give your kids some privacy while also adding more storage to their bedroom. A bookcase, for example, can be placed in the middle of your child's room to divide it in half and provide them with their own space.

Utilize headboards with storage

You might not be able to accommodate huge bookcases and dressers in your shared kids' room if space is an issue. However, your children can display some of their favorite objects and keep toys and trinkets off the floor by choosing a headboard with storage. To make this shared bedroom design even more effective, use canvas totes to organize belongings that you don't want to show off.

Add extra privacy with a tent

A den is a delightful addition to any child's room, but it's particularly handy in a shared room. They can use the tent to play together or to hide from each other. Indoor children's tents can be purchased online, or you can make your own that fits neatly in the corner of the room. It's just a matter of adding some cozy rugs and cushions to complete the look.

Kids indoor tents

Mismatch sheets and accessories to differentiate

Allowing your daughters to choose their own bedding is an easy way to let them exhibit their personalities in the room (and keep them separate in the wash) if you've decided to use similar furniture throughout the room. The impact that colored bedding can have on a space is incredible. If your kids have their hearts set on a room theme, make sure the bedding complements it.

Light it up in style

Transform your daughters' room into a magical paradise of shimmering lights. From traditional fairy string lights hanging at the window to funky ice-cream sundae-shaped lamps that double as cool accessories, there are so many wonderful bedroom lighting solutions available now.

Alternatively, why not keep them motivated by hanging decorative light-up 'words of wisdom' on the wall? Whether they require strong lighting for study or a warm glow to help them go asleep, layered lighting will instantly add ambiance and character to the environment.

Take the plunge with a bright wall color

There's a good possibility your daughters will want nothing more than a bright pink room. In this situation, choose a bold coral or blush color that will satisfy their pink appetite while also lasting until their teen years (hopefully).

Wait, did we already mention that you do not have to paint anything? Yes! You heard it right! Simply choose to hang a removable wallpaper in a pink shade or pattern.

You've probably heard the saying that girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice! To make the sisters' room as sweet as your daughters are, use bright colors and fun patterns - incorporate rainbows, cute animals & florals. You can wallpaper the whole room, or alternatively, pick an accent wall to decorate.

And if you find that your little girls grow out of the pink shade, don’t worry – if you have chosen to use stick and peel wallpaper, just simply peel it off!

Bright Wall Color

Include your daughters’ names in the decor

Decorating using names is a simple shared girls' room concept. Not only do personalized wall hangers or pillows look attractive, but they also help each sister feel special!

The days of splitting a room down the middle with masking tape to determine who owns which half are long gone. There's no mistaking who owns which space with monograms, nameplates, and statement-making initial artwork.

Hang on a changeable art gallery

You can showcase your child's artwork in a variety of ways. Why not choose one that will also act as a lovely interior decoration? Add some individuality to their home, regardless of their age, with an art gallery-style wall display concept.

Buy some nice frames at your local secondhand store. Then all you have to do is paint your thrifted frames in a single unifying color and string picture wire across the back. Add a few cute small clothespins, and the rest is up to your young Picassos.

If they are framing their favorite literary characters, quotations or posters will make younger girls more emotionally attached to the area. Framing photos of loved ones is very common among older girls. It's all about making sure their surroundings match their developing personalities.

Swinging times

When it comes to children's rooms, the emphasis should always be on having a good time!

A cozy and lovely swing is the perfect location to cuddle up with a good book, whether your ladies are toddlers or teens. Since the swing is see-through, it won't take up much visual space or make the room feel claustrophobic!

Indoor Swing

Use a canopy & turn the room into a fairytale

Your kids deserve to live out their fairytale dreams! To gain even more points in the cool parent category, shop for a cute canopy for each girl’s bed.

Thankfully, canopies don't have an age limit, since the style only evolves as your little ones do. Whether you've decorated their space with bohemian touches or gone for a minimalist look, there's a canopy that will make reading them to sleep magical.

For sleepovers, add a roll-out bed

A bed with drawers below is useful if space is limited, as a child's bedroom can never have enough storage. On the other hand, one with a pull-out bed downstairs is ideal for sleepovers.

How do you make a girls' room pretty?

There are a variety of ways to make a girl's room beautiful, including adding cute accessories or hanging lights. You can use flowing or embroidered fabrics for curtains and pillows to make a room appear cozier. Hang delicate fairy lights from the walls or over the bed to create a glistening canopy or frame flowery wallpaper scraps to create a stunning gallery wall.

For you, treating your daughters like princesses or queens is more than a cliché. Although there are specific aspects to consider and keep in mind when it comes to kids' room design ideas, don’t forget that only you as a parent know what’s best for your children!

Girls Room Removable Wallpaper pattern

June 22, 2022