Sometimes it is hard to agree on decor choices with your teenager. They tend to change their mind quickly, long for trendy choices, and disagree with your style. When decorating you will need to find some common ground to have the best results, so keep reading to learn more about the best tips for decorating a teenager's room!

What to take into account when starting to decorate a teenager’s room

Decorating a teenager’s room is not decorating a child’s room. A child will be perfectly fine with any decor decisions you make and will enjoy the room as long as there are the right toys and games. However, a teenager’s bedroom is their castle and safe space. They will have an opinion on how they want it to look. Together with the teenager, you need to find common ground on how to make the room good for them and good for long-term use.

Consult with your kid but don’t leave the decisions just up to them

A teenager definitely has to have a say in what their room looks likes. But make sure you are not putting the pressure on your kid to make all room decor and furniture choices by themselves. Usually, it is best to work on the room together with very rare exceptions when a kid truly knows interior design and their personal style. If that is not the case, make sure you consult with your kid, but guide the design process yourself.

kid and parent

Quick changing mind

Teenagers are in a state of change – they are turning from kids to adults and it is not always easy. They are searching for their personality, taste, and style. Also, their preferences can be easily influenced by trends and friends group. In this state of mind, it is hard to make any permanent decisions even 5 years ahead. That’s why a teenager can one day love their room, and the next be over it.

Keep the future in mind

When purchasing home decor for a teenager it is wise to remember that they will soon grow up. To avoid a room losing its actuality shortly after making it, it is best to look for more grown-up pieces rather than child-like ones. Also, every teenager’s dream is to be an adult or at least to be treated like one, so more mature room decor can really benefit their self-esteem.

Keep the future in mind

Invest in timeless pieces

A key to a teenager’s bedroom that withstands time is investing in the right pieces. Bed, desk, desk chair, sofa, dresser, and closet are furniture that you want to put your money in once and then use for years. These are the pieces that will make the core of the room. You can decorate them later with less expensive, more versatile decor that fits the personality of the room’s user.

Invest in timeless pieces

Give options

To involve a teenager in decision making try to make the process easy for them. Choose a few options for a fundamental piece, and let them choose from those options. It is a win-win situation – a teenager will have a say, and you will be sure you get a furniture piece that is timeless and will work for years.

Bed – a goodnights sleep is important at every age

When choosing a bed it is best to opt for a double bed or even queen size if the space allows it. Keep in mind that your teenager will soon grow up and it will be a more long-term purchase if you think about the future.

There are two scenarios.

The first option, your teenager will move out and take some of their room furniture with them. A double bed will be more beneficial for adult life.

The second option, your kid will move out and leave the furniture in your house. In time you might turn the kid’s room into a guest room and a double room for guests is a much better choice.

A desk and a chair

A desk and a chair are a must for a teenager's bedroom. They need to study and even if they prefer doing it on the bed, they need to have the option to sit straight and do their homework comfortably at a desk.

Standing Desk

It is never too early to start caring for a good posture. If you are serious about your kid's health, think about investing in a desk that is adjustable in height. Not only it might help them study, but they will also learn early on to take care of their workspace and make it comfortable for their needs.

Desk Chair

Functionality comes before looks. A chair needs to be comfortable and ergonomic. There is no point in choosing a stylish chair that is so uncomfortable that it makes it impossible to sit there for hours. Because let’s be honest, children spend a lot of time studying and therefore sitting! So, when choosing a desk chair, make sure it is a good one.

Closet – make room for storage

A tidy room is a good-looking room. Give your teenager a chance to keep their room tidy. It means giving them lots of storage options including a good amount of closet space. A closet can be used for clothes, but also for accessories storing, their winter clothes, sports gear, etc. A built-in closet is a great option, but if you don’t have one definitely look for spacious free-standing closets.

Closet full of clothes


Dresser is also great for storage. It perfectly holds smaller items like undergarments, socks, and accessories, but it is also great for storing things that are unrelated to clothing. For example, craft supplies or study materials. When choosing a dresser look for one that goes well with the bed, the free-standing closet, and the nightstand and also that fits well with the room’s overall vibe.

Light fixtures

Good light fixtures are also something you want to have for a long time. Try to match them with the style of the other long-term furniture. You can also choose light fixtures that are minimalistic and inconspicuous to avoid any style clashing.

Express your teen's personality through small/less expensive decor

Now onto less permanent solutions or ways how your teenager can express their personality in the room decor. It is a good idea to invest in timeless pieces but mix them with more trendy items to keep the room feeling fresh and up-to-date.

Express your teens personality

Peel and stick wallpaper – perfect for people who might change minds quickly

Peel and stick wallpaper is perfect for expressing personality and personal style. There are so many patterns and prints, that your teenager will definitely be able to find something that fits their taste. Also, wallpaper takes up quite a lot of space in the room, so it will have a big impact, but it won’t be a “forever” piece if you don’t want to.

Is your teenager going through a history phase? ArtDeco wallpapers like “Gilded Ballroom” or “Give a Toast” might be just the thing or maybe renaissance reminiscing damask wallpaper is the right choice, for example, “Lapis Lazuli”.

Or maybe they are into wildlife and nature? We have plenty of wallpaper in this category as well, for example, “Tropical Birds”, “Leopards in Labyrinth”, or “Fine Eucalyptus”.

There are also options for modern styles, for example, “Your Mystic”, “Line elegance”, or “Decorative Floral”.

However, that is definitely not all, so if you are interested in using peel and stick wallpaper in your teenager’s room, make sure you check out our full collection here!


To be fair, curtains can also be a piece where to invest in and make it a classic choice, but it can also be an element that highlights your child’s personality. However, if you choose a patterned stick and peel wallpaper, it is best to stick to solid color curtains to not make all the prints clash.


Bedding and bed covers

Bedding is perfect for adding a trendy twist to your teenager’s bedroom. They can choose it 100% themselves and change it according to their mood or season. It also applies to a bed cover that can be chosen by your kid on their own. These are small elements of the room that anyway wears off and will be changed in a few years, so they are perfect for adding a personality to the room.

Decorative pillows

There are many options for decorative pillows for almost any interior design style there is. Pillows are inexpensive decor that can be tailored to reflect anyone’s taste. You can even custom-make them if you cannot find the right one.

Decorative pillows

Posters/wall art

It is definitely a good idea to let your teenager decorate the walls in any way they want. They can hang posters, pictures, paintings, photos, and other items on the walls to give their room a feel of their own. It is worth it to let them make holes in the wall for the sake of their personal expression.


Rugs are not only practical but also they can serve as a decor piece that reflects the personality of the room owner. To avoid costly options, choose small rugs that can go beside the bed or window seat.



Decorating for a teenager can come with its challenges, but it is easy to overcome them when you know where to invest and where to let the kid make their choices. Teenagers are soon to be grown-ups and it is important to keep that in mind when decorating a teenager’s bedroom.