In the last few years reading has definitely had its renaissance. Book clubs and book bloggers are popping up as well as celebrities releasing enticing autobiographies. So it is no wonder, that reading nooks at home are getting in the spotlight as well. Are you excited to build your own? Here are a few starting tips!

Reading nook essentials

There are a few things a reading nook definitely has to have. That includes bookshelves, something comfortable to sit on, and a good lighting element for late-night reading sessions.


To be fair, you can read a book without being surrounded by bookshelves. You can also successfully read a book in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. But if you are creating a dedicated reading nook, it definitely asks for a good bookshelf moment or at least a few shelves for your favorite books.

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves

If the space allows it, add floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to your reading nook. You can have one or two, or even go for a library room and cover all walls with bookshelves. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves draw a lot of attention and firmly sets the tone for the reading corner. They are also great for absorbing noise, so they might even help with sound isolation for a peaceful reading moment.

Floating shelves

You don’t have to fill the reading nook with bookshelves if you don’t want to. Add just a few floating shelves and organize the most important books on them. You can add other decors there as well such as book ends, figurines, candles, etc.

Book cart

Looking for something original? Store your books in a metal cart on wheels! It works well if your reading nook has to be a transformable area or you really have very little space. Not only it will be original, but it might also even give you library vibes, which definitely is something that suits a reading nook.

Book cart

Comfy sitting area

To have a good reading session you need a comfortable seating situation. The ideal scenario is of course a desk and a chair to maintain the best posture while reading. But that said, it is not always the coziest option, and reading nooks are definitely meant for cozying up with a warm drink, some snacks, and a book. So let’s discuss other options aside from a desk and a chair!


Cozy armchair is a classic option for a reading nook. It is comfortable, perfect for one person, and looks very welcoming. To brighten the space, choose an armchair in colorful tones!

Swinging nest chair

Feeling adventurous and love swings? A Swinging nest chair might be a great option for you! It will look unique and will softly sway you into the imaginary world of your favorite book. Something to consider!

Built-in windows seat

Nothing associates with a good reading nook more than a windows seat made for book reading. If you have a window that begs to be created in a reading nook, go for it! Create a comfy window seat for sweet reading sessions.


Lighting is very important when it comes to reading. It is bad for eyesight to read in dim light so you have to make sure your reading nook has a good lamp that creates enough light for reading.

Floor lamp

Floor lamps are a great choice for reading nooks. You can always use the ceiling lamp as well, but it won’t give you the cozy vibes we are going for with a reading nook. So a good alternative is a floor lamp. When choosing a lamp make sure it is good for reading purposes and is not a lamp to just set a mood.

Wall lamps

If your sitting area is near a wall, a wall lamp is also a good option how to provide lighting for reading. Just remember to test the lamp and make sure it is bright enough for good reading conditions!

Reading nook extras

Once you have the reading nook basics, you can start working on extras. Extras are those little decor elements that make a room feel cozy and that express your specific personality.

Reading nook extras


No reading nook is complete with a blanket to snuggle in. It is nice to throw it on your feet or go for a full burrito situation. There are a variety of blankets to choose from including colorful and muted options, natural or synthetic fibers as well as big knits or small weaves. Choose what suits you best!


Carpet or a rug is definitely not a must in a reading nook, but it is undeniably an element that adds to the coziness. So why not take advantage of it? Depending on your taste and room situation, choose the best option for you. Go for either a big carpet for the whole space or a small, fluffy rug just in front of the seating area.


Wallpapering the walls of a reading nook is a wonderful idea! It will make the area pop more and will give it even more homey vibes. You can choose either traditional or peel and stick wallpaper – both options will look great and will give you the desired look.

What kind of print you choose is up to you and the design of your reading nook. You can go colorful and choose a wallpaper like “Spring Flowers”. Or maybe you are in for a moody reading nook? Then a wallpaper like “Vintage Peacocks” will do the trick. For a bright and playful reading corner, you can choose wallpaper like “Symmetric Dots”.

Coffee table

We all love to snack while reading. A book reads much better when paired with a favorite beverage or a yummy snack. However, to avoid unnecessary spills, it is better to plan ahead and provide a table for all the goodies. That’s where a coffee table for the reading nook comes in.

Other decors

To finish the nook, decorate it with your favorite elements! Choose figurines or bookends to refresh the bookshelves. Display your favorite bookmark collection or choose artwork that represents a scene from a book. You can also use books as decors, for example, organizing them by color, not by genre.

Places in the house where to create a reading nook

A reading nook can be anywhere in the house. Take a look around and find the best place for it for your needs. If a quiet moment is what you need, try to make it in a place where family chatter won’t reach you that easily, for example, the attic. If you are excited to inspire your kids to read more, make the nook somewhere cozy and somewhere they pass by daily.

Places to be

By the window in the living room

Living room window is a great place where to create a reading nook especially if you are going for a window seat. It will be easily reachable, will provide a great view, and will add a twist to your living room setting.

In the library

Does your house has a library room? If so, it calls for a reading nook. There is no more appropriate space for a reading nook than a library. Surrounded by books, you can have a restful moment while sipping hot tea and flipping through a new book.

In the upstairs hallway

Hallways are sometimes those weird places that have a lot of space but you are not sure how to use them. Creating a reading nook in a hallway is one way how to make it functional!

In the kitchen

Does your kitchen has a breakfast nook? If yes, and if your whole family is into book reading, why not turn the breakfast nook also into a reading nook? Cover the walls with books, add good lighting, and voila! You have a reading nook within a breakfast nook.

In the guest bedroom

It depends on how often you have guests. If not so often, you can make your guest bedroom to double as a reading room! Leave all the guest-related elements, for example, the bed, and add reading nook-related elements – a comfortable seating area, bookshelves, and good lightning.

Under the stairs

Does your house has that awkward space under the stairs? If you are not interested in making it into a cupboard or a Harry Potter trivia closet, another option is to make it into a cozy reading nook. Add some bookshelves, a seating area, and definitely a good lamp.

Any other odd place you have in the house

Take a stroll around your house and look for any other weird spaces you might have. Those are perfect for creating reading nooks! Little niches, corners, even closets. If you are determined, you can find a place for a reading nook at any home.

Stylish room

A secret room turned into a reading nook

If you are feeling adventurous and you have a closet or a small room that is begging to be turned into a reading space, why not make it even more interesting? Ceil the entrance with a closet or even better – a bookshelf! Just add extra doors on the back of the closet or make the bookshelf into doors. It will definitely be a hit with the kids and you might find them there reading on their own exploring fantasy worlds in their fantasy reading nook.


To read a book you don’t necessarily need a dedicated nook. But if you are a book lover, reading nook might be a dream come true for you. You can decorate it according to your needs and wants, and dive into uninterrupted reading sessions in a beautiful space.