About Materials

All this for you!

We are happy to offer you our design wallpapers, and we are very open to create
custom murals from pictures that you send us. The client is our value, so we
implement projects, fully adapting to the result you want to see!

What materials do we offer?

We have tested several materials over the years until we came to the ones that are currently the best solution for different walls. We use the newest, highest grade technology and a specifically adapted textile, which guarantees that your wallpaper will be vivid, clear, and will have an excellent color contrast even in the tiniest details.

Wallpaper material:

Peel & Stick

We offer textile-based self-adhesive, removable wallpapers, which is the future of wallpapers! They work like a really big sticker – you won’t need to buy or apply extra glue. Much easier application process! When you want to change the design, you can easily take the previous self-adhesive wallpaper off and you won’t cause any damage to the wall. Given this, the wallpaper will still last a long time! Now you can change the aesthetics of your room very quickly – just peel and stick! That’s the perfect way to make your home more stylish!

Wallpaper material:


For this wallpaper you will need to buy a special wallpaper glue. Most professional wallpaper installers preferer paper-based, traditional material and these wallpapers are great for long-term permanent installations! In addition, traditional wallpapers are also environmentally friendly! Sounds good? Take a look at our offers!

ECO-friendly company

Our company thinks about the environment and uses delivery companies that share the same values. We care about ecology and sustainability!

Each wallpaper is produced using certified, high-quality materials that meet safety standards, including paint and paper. We make sure that our products last a long time without losing their quality properties.

Furthermore, our wallpapers are PVC-Free – this is not your typical vinyl wallpaper. It is safer than the standard for the manufacturer, installer, client and the environment. It does not emit toxic, chemical scents or expose the user to such dioxins.

In addition, your wallpapers will be covered with the original Epson ECO inks (with the ISO certificate for use indoors – schools, kindergartens, hotels). These inks guarantee the amazing color spectrum for your wallpapers without harming the environment or your health. We also believe our print-to-order method is the best way to eliminate product waste and provide unique designs to our customers!