2021 was a very colorful year for interior design.

Wallpaper is the top thing again for freshening up your home, your office, and even your furniture. So let’s see what 2022 has in store.

1. Botanicals

Who said you have to bring physical plants to make your room alive?

Having leaves in the form of wallpaper will be an excellent choice for those who may forget to take care of the lovely plants  a perfect match.

However, botanical wall hangings have been in trend for years, especially for the last two most definitely.

Ferns, banana leaves, exotic plants will most definitely open up the room, make it fresh like you did your renovation just now. Plus, the print will be flexible, which means that you can put it anywhere you want, whether it’s an office, bathroom, living room accent wall.

And the good thing  you don’t even have to think about watering, and they will stay green all year long.

 BIRCH LEAFAGE | Peel and Stick Wallpaper by DeccoPrint

2. Neutrals     

Scandinavian-style interiors with calm, white-ish tones have been at the top for years. And we definitely understand that, because the calm colors, simple lines and sets up the calm and hygge mood. So if noisy and busy patterns are not your thing, then simple neutral style wallpapers are just for you.

3. Damask and all vintage.

If neutrally designed wallpapers are not your thing and something bold is what you are looking for  damask is the answer to your wish. Why? You might ask.

Damask patterns have this mysterious mood that cannot be found in other patterns and make a statement and a royal look like the movies of the royal times.

Create your throne…I mean, take your master bedroom to a whole new level!

Also, you can mix the bold with neutral by choosing bold damask patterns in neutral tones.

 Grungy Baroque | Peel&Stick Wallpaper by DeccoPrint

4.  Bathroom wallpaper

You might think that we are joking when we say you should put wallpaper in the powder room. But we are dead serious.

The new state-of-the-art technologies have made Peel & Stick wall hangings suitable for humid areas like the bathroom. That’s a great alternative if you choose not to make a mess with tiles because it can also be in wallpaper, or you can select your design. Even your own art, if you so desire it.

 Honeycomb | Peel&Stick Wallpaper by DeccoPrint

5.  Murals

Even though the patterned wallpaper has come back to fashion, murals still are a great idea to introduce in your interior.

There are plenty of ideas for a mural. For example, it can be a floral peony mural in your living room or a nature landscape for your home office, or a marble accent wall in your showroom. There is so much to choose for your own space, and it will definitely make a statement.

The only thing left is to choose the one for you and start your makeover. DeccoPrint will always help choose the right one, so you will be in good hands!

February 09, 2022