So you've signed the lease, picked up the keys, and are standing in front of your first apartment. What’s next?

Your first apartment serves as a launching pad for the rest of your life. There are numerous considerations to make when decorating it.

You might not be able to make many changes to the layout, structure, or character of the space. However, there are other things to consider that will shape the identity of your apartment.

Moving into your first apartment is an exciting adventure that is fraught with difficulties. Decor, on the other hand, should not be one of them. Even on a tight budget, you can create a welcoming, comfortable home that is both elegant and functional!

Use these inventive decorating ideas in your first apartment to make it feel like your home!

Interior design

Start with the walls

Now that you are officially on board the decorating train, the first step to think about is the walls. At this point, you're definitely thinking: ‘’But I need to get my deposit back. There's no way I'm painting my walls.’’ Luckily, we know of a simple and affordable DIY project that makes a huge difference in space without painting your walls. When decorating your first apartment, it is important to keep things temporary. But that doesn't mean you still can't make things fun!

Try using peel & stick wallpaper to refresh the space and make the area a little bit more exciting. Simply up and simply down is the perfect decorating tool for tenants! Removable wallpapers are an inexpensive option (especially if you just want to make an accent wall) that are easy to install, clean up quickly, and can be replaced at any time. This is especially important if you know that tastes will change over time. In addition, so many peel & stick wallpaper design options are available that you can really show off your personal style.

Fix the lighting

One of the most common problems in a rented apartment is lighting. Usually, it is old and mismatched, which can make the whole space look dated and tired. Fortunately, in the 21st century, lighting is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to upgrade your home. 

The right lighting can make your room feel cozier, especially if it's windowless or just very cramped. With different types of floor, tables, and even hanging lamps to choose from, lamps can also emphasize the trends you are aiming for like minimalist, bohemian, or modern. Overhead and table lighting all have different intensities, which can help make the room feel less boring. Find a cheerful table lamp to add color, style, and of course, light to your room. It will elevate the entire room. In turn, layering in candles adds a little mood lighting. If you’re more into natural light, buy some lovely curtains that complement your windows.

Also, note that warm, yellow-toned light bulbs will help create a homey feeling. Cold, blue-toned light bulbs, on the other hand, are designed to focus on serious tasks such as studying.

Lights in interior

DIY decorate your furniture

A lack of budget often keeps first-time renters from their wishlist of furniture. You can DIY it with the help of free online tutorials.

Lack of budget very often deters first-time renters from their furniture wishlist. But remember that you can DIY it with free online tutorials. For example, you can paint an old, discarded bookcase in any color you need. Wooden pallets can turn into a kitschy wooden coffee table. Also, check out the Facebook Marketplace, where people often return unnecessary furniture for free or very cheaply. Plus, not only save money but also find really unique furniture by thrifting them these are the perfect canvases for DIY decoration.

Do not forget about the fact that you can use peel & stick wallpaper not only on the walls but also on appliances, cabinets, and shelves, thereby creating a stylish impact even in the smallest spaces. The same goes for the backsplash. Use removable wallpaper to come up with unmatched combos of kitchen decor that are guaranteed to be removable. All these small changes can make your first apartment feel like your own.

Enliven the space with plants

Defeat the cramped or cluttered feeling of a small apartment by decorating it with live plants. It is a great choice not only for decor but also to improve air quality and reduce stress. However, don't forget to make sure they have enough daylight. If you are not sure that you will be able to take care of live plants, decorate your studio apartment with artificial ones – their visual impact on your decor will be exactly the same as with live plants. Or choose wallpaper with leaf pattern!

Plants in interior

Focus on the storage

The focal point – whether it's a television, a fireplace, or a view – is where it all begins. Arrange the furniture around this spot, leaving enough space between each piece of furniture.

If it comes down to choosing between simply cute furniture and one that is very spacious, choose the last one – remember that you can always decorate it as you wish! For example, look for beds with built-in storage or one that allows you to store storage containers or baskets under it. Pull-out sofas and dining tables that double as work-from-home desks are also excellent choices.

Also, note that grand storage units such as cabinets and dressers take up a lot of space and can make a small apartment feel even more crowded. Instead, try storing your clothes and kitchenware in open shelving units and bookcases. Of course, if you choose to go with open storage, you better make sure you stay tidy. Messy shelving can make your apartment look chaotic.

It is also advisable not to even press "add to cart" or worse – start shopping before you have an accurate measurement of your space. You can get it in two ways – by asking your landlord or by doing it yourself. Having the measurements by hand is especially important when you deal with small spaces – before furnishing your apartment, you must have a clear plan to start with!

Add in some layers

Decorative accents are a great way to bring a room's look together. In the living area, place a textured rug on the floor and decorate the sofa with colorful pillows and a chunky throw. In the hallway, use a patterned runner and in the kitchen, use amusing hand towels. Don't forget about your walls, either! Custom-framed art that reflects your personal style can be added to them. Try putting art in unusual places like the kitchen, bathroom, or hallway. These small gestures will make your place really unique!

Living room

From moving in to making it your own

No doubt that getting your first apartment is a big deal, and decorating it in your own unique style is not only enjoyable but also rewarding. Take a chance! Begin with these necessities and stick to them for a while. You will come up with ideas on what else you could do as you get to know your new apartment. With the right decor strategy, your first apartment will feel like home in no time!

February 16, 2022