Peel and stick wallpaper can be used in many different ways. Starting from the more regular ones like wallpapering walls and ending with smaller and bigger crafts, like wallpapering furniture or picture frames. Keep reading to learn more about how to creatively use the amazing peel and stick wallpaper patterns in your home decor!

Wallpapering large, flat surfaces

Let’s start with the basics. Wallpapering walls (and not only!) can really make any room look put together and purposefully designed. Depending on the wallpaper, it can bring up creative vibes, a sophisticated feel, minimalistic thoughts, and so on. Regardless of the style, wallpaper helps to highlight the personality of the homeowner.

Feature wall

A feature wall is a popular solution for how peel and stick wallpaper is used. A feature wall usually is bright, colorful, and noticeable with bold, amazing prints, for example, one of these Tropical Fish, Spring Flowers, Lapis Lazuli.

That said, a feature wall can also be something more subtle, just a hint of differentiation from the other walls, for example, White Brick, Curved Lines, Flush Blush.

The way you want to use a feature wall depends on your style, interior design, and personal preference.

Wallpapering ceiling

Did you know that ceiling is considered the fifth wall? Use this idea and wallpaper the ceiling to achieve an unexpected look! You can use any wallpaper pattern you like – from bold colors to subtle prints, each will have a different feel. Not sure where to start? Try one of these patterns Oldschool Damask, Spring Bloom, or Poly Lines.

If you want your ceiling to be the accent, make sure you paint the walls in the room in a subtle color that goes well with the chosen ceiling wallpaper print. Also, think about the lighting and the ceiling lamp – match the styles of the lamp and the wallpaper. For example, a crystal chandelier will look amazing with royal-looking damask wallpaper like Sophisticated Elegance. However, a modern lamp will look great with a more contemporary pattern, for example, Stylized Roses.

Wallpapering ceiling

Wallpapering all walls including ceiling

To get a really dramatic room look, try this – wallpaper all the walls and the ceiling with the same wallpaper. It is a unique design choice, that is not for everyone, but the end result is truly spectacular. If you are not sure about using this design trick at your home, it is also a great idea for creative spaces, for example, beauty salons, art studios, etc. You can also use this idea in less widely used rooms in your house – it doesn’t have to be the living room or bedroom. Maybe you can try it in the library or the dining room?

For all five wall coverings, consider one of these wallpapers Birds and the Sky, Classic Flowers, or Golden Palm.

Wallpapering weird nooks

Do you have some awkward places in the house, for example, that area understairs or something in the attic? It is a perfect opportunity to wallpaper that area with a fun and interesting peel and stick wallpaper. It will make the spot look purposeful and thought of, not abandoned and weird. Highlight the interesting shape or placement!

Wallpaper in the Bathroom

Bathroom is like any other room – it needs to look nice, clean, and designed. Tile is obviously a good and practical choice for a bathroom and it should definitely be used for really wet areas, for example, in the shower or behind the sink. However, there are still plenty of spaces where to get creative with wallpaper.

A good place for wallpaper in the bathroom is around the entry door which usually is the farthest away from the very wet areas. You can also use it on the wall behind the sink where usually a mirror is hung.

If you have separate bathrooms aka the toilet and shower are in two different rooms, the toilet room is perfect for wallpaper! It doesn’t get that wet, you do not spend a lot of time there (so you can go really wild on the peel and stick wallpaper pattern) and it is a quite small room (easy to decorate!).

To create a contrasting look, use living room-type wallpaper in the bathroom, for example, Idyllic Leaves, Golden Shapes, or Botanical Gardens. Also, a great option is a tropical theme since the bathroom usually has a lot of steam and it reminds us of a peaceful SPA environment. For a tropical theme, try these wallpapers: Layered Tropics, Tropical Birds, or Tropical Thailand.

Wallpaper in the bathroom

Creative ways how to use peel and stick wallpaper around the house

Walls are great for the wallpaper but sometimes it is fun to try out something entirely different. These DIY projects are great if you have some leftover peel and stick wallpaper that you don’t want to throw out but it isn’t enough to cover a wall. And of course, if you see a project you like and don’t have extra wallpaper by hand, you can always order just a small amount to make what you want. Let’s dig in and uncover unusual places in the house where you can use peel and stick wallpaper!

Furniture with wallpaper

Using peel and stick wallpaper is a wise way how to give an old piece of furniture a new feel. Peel and stick wallpaper will perfectly hide any damage and imperfections the furniture might have, and the pattern will make it look fresh and intriguing.

What furniture to update is really up to you, however, here are a few popular choices.

Furniture with wallpaper

Wallpaper on Dresser

Dresser is frequently used furniture, which leads to lots of scratches and visible signs of usage. You can use stick and peel wallpaper to freshen up the dressers by adding wallpaper to drawers or wallpapering the upper surface. Sides are also a great place for wallpaper.

Wallpaper on Wardrobe

Free-standing wardrobe is perfect for adding peel and stick wallpaper. You can wallpaper the doors or just one side. You can also use wallpaper on the whole wardrobe and match it with the wallpaper on the walls. That would create an interesting, hide-in-plain-sight look.

Also if you have a walk-in closet, it can be a fun idea to wallpaper the whole inside of it. You can even wallpaper all walls and the ceiling to give it really a cute and whimsical look.

Wallpaper on the Tabletop

Another great place for wallpaper is on the top surface of a table. Especially if you have a little bit used table, it can be a good way how to give it an updated look. Since wallpaper might not have the best texture for writing and it can get dirty fast when applied to a surface you use often, buy a glass or transparent acrylic plate that you can put on the table. That way it will be easy for you to clean it, you will see through your wallpaper design and the wallpaper won’t get dirty.

Wallpaper on the back of the shelves

This is an amazing hack if you love a wallpaper design but you are not sure if you want it on the whole wall. You can also match the wallpaper behind the shelves with the wallpaper on the walls. It will give you a very coherent and clean look. And either way, you will get a unique design piece that draws attention and looks cute.

Wallpaper inside the drawers

If you are an organizing enthusiast, you will love this idea. Add wallpaper inside the drawers. You can use it on the bottom plate or the sides. Even though other people won’t see the wallpaper there, it will make you smile every time you open the drawer.

Wallpaper the stairs

Wallpaper added on the rise of the stairs looks amazingly good. You can choose different patterns – something that contrasts with the stair colors, something that goes very subtly together, and match it with the staircase rug or artwork on the walls. You can also use different wallpaper for every step or create an image that you can only see from afar. There are lots to unpack and lots to try!

Another option is to wallpaper underneath the stairs, so it is visible from below. It can work if you have a staircase going up and there is free space under it. This way it works almost like wallpaper on the ceiling.

Wallpaper the stairs

Wallpapered doors

Thinking of wallpapering the whole room including the ceiling? Definitely add wallpaper to the doors as well. But that is just one case. You can freely add wallpaper to any doors you want to. The wallpaper will wonderfully mask any small usage damage and will give the room a good, unexpected twist.


Appliances often come in quite boring colors and tones – silver, white, and black. They are all great colors, but they might not go well with your kitchen or bathroom design. Peel and stick wallpaper will fix it quickly! Choose a pattern you like and that fits perfectly with your design, and add it to your appliances. You will give them a great look and get yourself some unique pieces.

Appliances in the kitchen

Picture frames

Wallpaper can be used on the picture frame to give them an interesting design. You can match the wallpaper on the walls or go for a different pattern, that’s up to you. Another option is to keep the frames in solid color and frame a few pieces of patterned wallpaper. Since wallpapers nowadays have breathtaking designs and quality, you can get yourself some interesting artwork this way!

Picture frames on the wall

Electrical outlet plates

Not only you can change the electric outlet plates if you don’t like them, but you can also wallpaper them to match the wall or just the opposite – use them as a piece of art! When you wallpaper electrical outlet plates just make sure you cut everything very neatly and take into account all safety precautions.

Electrical outlet plates on the wall


Peel and stick wallpaper can be used in so many ways in home decor. The more you start looking for areas that can be upgraded with peel and stick wallpaper, the more fun ideas you will get. Let the creative mood take you to new heights!

April 06, 2023