We all have had that moment when we see a wonderful wallpaper, so magnificent that it would be a sin not to include it into our interior. But the problem is that too much of it would ruin it, or the current wallpaper is good enough. It would be a shame to sacrifice the possibility of having such beauty in your interior, right? But what else is there to do?

Don’t be fooled, the beautiful peel and stick wallpaper designs weren’t created to be put on only walls - you can stick them to any surface you want! There are numerous ways to include the beautiful design into your interior and bring in some colors into your house. So here are ten creative ways how you can use peel and stick wallpaper in your house.

Wall art

You can create beautiful wall art pieces, just like canvas or paintings, with peel and stick wallpaper. If you have a white interior design, a colorful, rich design wallpaper will look magnificent as a wall art. All you have to do is just frame your desired wallpaper and put it on the wall. You can even choose sizes that suit your interior best. This is a great way to decorate a wall with the wallpaper you really love without covering the whole wall. We all know that sometimes, less is more, so turning a wallpaper into a wall art piece is the perfect middle ground.

Decorate your coffee table

Does your coffee table look outdated? Is it a bit old, perhaps scratched, or has any other damages? You can easily hide any damages with peel and stick wallpaper. But take note that wallpaper with a detailed, rich design will hide the imperfections better than a monochrome one with little to no patterns. The coffee table will definitely stand out and another great thing about decorating your coffee table with peel and stick wallpaper is that you don’t have to buy a new one – instead of spending a lot of money on something new and fresh, just by applying peel and stick wallpaper on the table surface, you can get a wonderful result! Let’s think about sustainability and improve what we have instead of buying new things every time something bores us out.

Stick it on the wardrobe doors

Does your wardrobe look boring and, unfortunately, the boringness catches the eye every time you enter the room? Do you feel like it ruins the aesthetic of your room? Again, peel and stick wallpaper will solve this problem. There are many design options available and you can choose a design that complements the interior, instead of ruins it. And with this wallpaper you also have the chance to follow and adjust your furniture looks according to the newest interior design trends. Simply peel the wallpaper off of the wardrobe’s doors and stick on a new one, perhaps in the color that is trending this year. You can experiment all you want with peel and stick wallpapers!


Decorate kitchen appliances

You can also decorate your kitchen appliances, for example, refrigerator doors, or dishwasher. You won’t believe how beautiful a refrigerator with a warm color flower design can look in a rustic interior design. Or, for a luxurious vibe, you can decorate your appliances with dark design wallpapers and art deco designs. We have all of them! Though be careful and, when applying wallpaper, don’t cover the areas which support the heating system, just stick to the door surfaces.

Spark up stair risers

We often don’t even notice these small elements at our feet, which can make a huge difference in the interior if we put some thought into it. Don’t put to waste this wonderful opportunity to spice up your interior with beautiful stair risers. These changes will definitely be a great conversation starter when you have guests or relatives visiting. To make your interior extra fancy, we can suggest art deco wallpaper designs. Check them out, and if you still aren’t sure about your choice, you can order a sample piece of the wallpaper!

 Star raisers

Freshen up old flower pots and vases

Don’t throw away your old flower pots or vases – you can give them a second life with peel and stick wallpapers! And colorful flower pots with beautiful designs will also serve as a wonderful interior decor. Though the surface for both pots and vases has to be smooth, or else the result won’t look so smooth either. This creative decor will look amazing in a white interior – the plants themselves will bring some color as well as the wallpaper design. Show your creative personality with peel and stick wallpaper flower pots!

Create a beautiful, trendy kitchen backsplash

Backsplashes can be turned into a wonderful focal point. And the best part here is that we also have peel and stick wallpapers with tile designs on them - perfect for those, who feel skeptical about putting colorful designs in their kitchen in a place of backsplash. Though the options are limitless – there are marble designs, stone, geometric. A tiled kitchen backsplash is especially popular, and thanks to wallpaper, you won’t have to suffer trying to stick on the wall countless pieces of tile one after another.

Kithcen  backsplash

Apply it inside a glass cabinet

If you have a glass cabinet in your house, you can make it more beautiful by applying a pretty wallpaper inside of it, on the back surface. So, even when closed, you will be able to see the lovely pattern. The glass cabinet itself looks beautiful, moreover, if inside of it there are various fancy items, but with an elegant wallpaper design, it will look just breathtaking. With wallpaper you can create a wonderful statement piece in your interior. Also, the wallpaper will protect the furniture from any damages, so, if you have an old glass cabinet that you wish would never get scratched, apply a peel and stick wallpaper! Don’t worry, you will be able to peel it off without damaging the furniture any time you want!

Make your pc fancy

Who said that all computers have to be black and gray? It is a fact that colors slowly start to disappear from our designs (both architectural and interior), so why contribute to color extinction? Bring in some joy and smiles in this gray world by simply changing the color of your laptop. Moreover, if your PC looks a bit dusty and outdated, a quick application of peel and stick wallpaper will save the day! How about soft, floral patterns? Or perhaps you would prefer geometric elegance? There are many wallpaper designs available with the themes of flora and fauna, Japanese, modern, art deco, and more. Choose by design, color or just pick one your heart desires, we are certain that you will find something for your taste. Have some fun with the various designs and see for yourself what a great conversation starter your laptop will be at your workplace! Perhaps you will inspire your colleagues to show their creative side as well? Colorize the gray work environment together with peel and stick wallpapers!

 Computer with led lights

Stick it on the back of a bookshelf

Does your bookshelf look like a massive piece of wood with no edge to it? Your book collection should get all the attention, and that’s why we need an eye-catching bookshelf! You can upgrade your piece of furniture by simply choosing and sticking a peel and stick wallpaper with a design that best suits the books in the bookshelf as well as the interior in the room. Stick the wallpaper on the back of the bookshelf (or on the sides!) and that’s it! Your bookshelf is saved! And if you feel like you don’t like the new look and personality of your bookshelf, you can simply peel off the wallpaper - that’s the benefit of such wallpapers! A small tip for you: choose a neutral design wallpaper, since books themselves are colorful and in different sizes. If you choose a colorful and rich design, it will be too much for the eye to take everything in.

Final words

Peel and stick wallpaper can be applied on any surface you want, so go crazy with your creative ideas (though keep in mind that the surface has to be smooth)! Removable, peel and stick wallpaper is a universal product which has many uses, instead of just one, like it is for a traditional wallpaper. So why not invest in a product that can spice up your interior in various ways? And peel and stick wallpaper is not something you have to commit to, like you would with a traditional wallpaper. You can change the design as many times as you want! So, go on and follow the newest trends, because now you can do that without hard work and renovation projects involved.

Also, since this wallpaper is removable, you can decorate and change the interior even if you live in a dorm or rent your place. Don’t worry, the wallpaper won’t damage a thing and you will get your deposit back! So don’t settle for a boring, plain, and lifeless interior – change it the way your heart desires and show off your taste with peel and stick wallpaper!


October 12, 2022