Light, spacious, calming, and simple – these are the words that best describe the so loved Scandinavian interior design. Scandinavian interior design is one that focuses both on practicality and comfort – these are the two things that are of importance for Scandinavians, who live in a cold climate and appreciate the combination of warm home comfort and practicality.

This clean-looking, minimalist interior design has become quite popular in the whole world – people love the blend of textures, the neutral tones, and simple furnishings. This design promotes eco-friendly living, usage of sustainable building materials as well as other items, and appreciation of nature in simple ways, that’s why the popularity of this design only raises. And it suits everyone – there isn’t a lot of excessive detailing in this design, it is clean lined, modern and cozy. It is just like with colors – if you aren’t sure what color walls you want, choose white, and if you aren’t sure what interior design you want in your house, choose Scandinavian design.

Do you want to create a Scandinavian interior in your home? Read this article and take notes to learn all about Scandinavian design and become the master of this interior design!

Neutral colors

Scandinavian design is all about minimalism and that applies to colors too, of course. You have probably noticed that most Scandinavian interiors are white, and yes, this is the color you should choose for this style too. Also, with this design, a natural color palette will do the trick – earth, stone, and wood tones (browns, grays, blacks). Those are grounding and calming colors, perfect if you tend to find yourself in a lot of stressful situations.

But don’t exaggerate with those colors, use them only as accents. As for main colors, choose a neutral, light color scheme that will lift your spirit up and improve your mood, as well as create the look of a clean, spacious environment. Don’t be scared if these colors sound too boring for you – in Scandinavian style it is typical to bring in some color and joy with the help of soft rugs, throws (bonus points if handmade), and house plants, but we will get to that later.

 Interior design neutral colors

A pinch of minimalism

Scandinavian design is often mistaken with the cold minimalism, but it is not that. These styles do share the tidy, clean looks though, and your task is to take care of that - the clean and organized look will not appear just by splashing white color on your walls. You actually have to declutter any mess that you have in your house and organize your stuff (because of this, not many accessories are used in this style, as they make the space look cluttered and a bit chaotic). For this, storage boxes can help with furniture with extra drawers or storage space (much appreciated items in this interior design, since practicality is the key). On sight, keep only the things you use daily and just a few decors.

Choose furniture with clean lines, in basic shapes and made from the best quality materials, nothing too extra, just a piece that will fulfill its purpose for many years to come. Practicality and modesty are the most important qualities. As for the colors and material, choose wood furniture in a light, warm tone.

If you have doubts about anything else while creating your Scandinavian interior design, just remember that less is more – this will apply to everything.

A heart warming comfort

Scandinavians love to incorporate the philosophy of hygge in their decorations. The word hygge means “well-being” it describes the feeling of coziness, relaxation and warmth. This is especially important for the people who live in cold climates for a long time – the cold and lack of sun tend to suck all the joy out of people, so here comes hygge to save the day. So, to create the comfort of hygge, Scandinavian interior design features soft throw blankets, linen pillows, sheepskin rugs (nature element is very appreciated in this style), warm lighting, and fireplaces. If you plan on creating a fireplace in your house, make sure that it is located in a corner of the room – this is also characteristic to Scandinavian design. Speaking of rugs and throws – you can get them in brighter colors, preferably in warm tones, to bring some life and joy to the interior.

Handmade items are also characteristic to the style, so if there is something you can create with your own hands that brings comfort to your heart, don’t hesitate and get to work! Also, create an area in your house where you can relax, read a nice book, and have a cup of tea.

Scandinavian interior design with bike


If you read everything carefully, you probably noticed that nature elements pop up quite often. Scandinavian design tries to use as much from nature as possible - in the form of furniture, colors, decorations, everything! The floor should be from natural wood (in light color, of course, for example, beech, ash, pine), the furniture should be from wood as well, textile elements should be from natural materials too (linen, cotton, wool), as decors, use plants. Incorporate nature everywhere!

Plants are quite important, since they not only clean the air, refresh the room, and create a stress free atmosphere, but also bring in some color and life in the monotonous-colored interior. If you believe that you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry, there are beginner level plants too, for example, the beautiful, gorgeous monstera doesn’t require high maintenance, sansevieria won’t give up on you, as well as spider plant, aloe, ponytail palm, and many more.


Preferably, your rooms should be illuminated by as much sunlight as possible. And, this is the reason why in this style, there are usually no curtains or blinds in front of windows. If there are, then usually transparent, white curtains and nothing more, as to not block all of the natural light.

But, since natural light in most Nordic homes is available only for a short period of time, lighting has a huge role in Scandinavian design. A lot of different lighting elements are used to provide enough light and the right atmosphere in the room. A lot of pendant lamps and wall lamps are used, as well as candles, which help to create an intimate, romantic mood in the environment. In every room there should be multiple light sources, ranging from low lights, such as table lights, to overhead ceiling lights. Try to avoid creating a harsh atmosphere with just one ceiling lamp, instead, spread light as much as possible. Bonus points, if the light fixtures are more practical than decorative.

 lights in interior design


Another feature of Scandinavian design is high contrast. Use black details in completely white spaces to create a breathtaking atmosphere. Though use the black in limited quantities, only in small items, for example, photo frames, paintings, textiles, decors. Contrasts will help freshen up the environment and make it more stylish and cozy, which is what determines the difference between Scandinavian design and minimalism.

Cushions and carpets often have typical motifs and patterns that contrast with the muted scene of Scandinavian style and offer a stimulating scene. But take in mind that the Scandinavian home is meant to provide emotional comfort and enrich one’s life, so it’s not uncommon to mix old and new furniture items, neutral interior with colorful decorations, to give your home the cozy feeling you yearn for.

Geometric Patterns

Since simplicity is the key, geometric patterns can be used in the Scandinavian interior. You can include geometric patterns in the form of decorative pillows, by tiling your kitchen or bathroom walls, or by creating an accent wall with geometric pattern wallpaper. Though take in mind that these patterns shouldn’t be too colorful. As mentioned above, contrast is often used in this design, so use patterns that are black and white (or gray and white).

You can find wallpapers with simple geometric prints, specifically created for this design, in our product catalog. We offer not only traditional wallpaper, but also peel & stick wallpaper, which you can stick to the wall with ease just like a sticker, and if it bores you out after some time, you can peel it off just as easily. The best thing about these wallpapers is that you can stick the sheet to the wall multiple times, so here’s the sustainability that’s a part of Scandinavian interior design.

 Geometric pattern house


Scandinavian interior design focuses on function and on minimalist aesthetics. Simple and practical, Nordic style furniture and lighting blend into any space with ease and often adapt to different needs. Scandinavian home design includes the use of materials like solid wood, natural textiles, and traditionally crafted items. A neutral color palette (with mostly brighter tones), large windows that flood rooms with natural light, and carefully chosen decorative items like artworks or objects with traditional Nordic patterns are part of Scandinavian interior design principles.

Scandinavian design is just perfect as it allows you to create a stylish and modern elegance in your house with a few, simple steps. Cozy and timeless, this design is and will be popular for a long time. Scandinavian home design focuses on simple yet impactful ways of improving our daily life without spending a fortune. Practicality and modesty – that’s the key for Scandinavian interior design.

October 05, 2022