In the ever-evolving world of interior design, staying ahead of the curve is essential for creating spaces that are both stylish and functional. With each passing year, new trends emerge while others fade into the background. As we approach 2023 and look ahead to 2024, it's an exciting time for interior design enthusiasts, as fresh ideas and innovative concepts are set to reshape our living environments.

In this article, we'll take a deep dive into the interior design trends that are set to dominate the scene in 2023 and 2024. From captivating color palettes to innovative materials, we'll explore what's worth embracing to transform your home into a haven of contemporary elegance. But we'll also provide insights on trends that may be losing their appeal, helping you make informed decisions when it comes to crafting your ideal living spaces.

Interior design trends of 2024


1. Earthy Tones and nature-inspired design

Sustainability is trending right now and it has snuck into interior design in the form of nature-inspired design. To represent Mother Earth, in the upcoming years, we will see much more earthy tones – the brown palette mixed with maroon and naturally occurring pinkish hues. Lots of plants and green color is also something to look out for. Plants have always been a refreshing interior design element, that’s brought the outdoors indoors, but with the sustainability movement plants will play an even bigger role in interior design.

Adding to the nature-inspired vibes, 2024 will bring into interior design even more natural materials. From jute rugs to stone decor elements and linen bed covers. To keep up with the 2024, make sure you keep all the natural materials untouched and not painted. Speaking of leaving materials untouched, ceramics in the natural clay color are also going to be very popular.

To boost the sustainability movement, aside from natural materials and earthy tones another trend that’s on the horizon is eco-friendly choices in furniture and interior design items. Look for recycled materials, sturdy constructions, and thrifted and restored items.

Want to bring in the natural vibes in your home with wallpaper? Check out these Earth-tone-inspired wallpapers: Flush Blush, Pampas Melody, or go for something greener like these plant wallpapers: Fern Herbarium, Fine Eucalyptus, and Green Magnolia.

Earth tones and nature inspired designs

2. Bright colors and fun decors

Contrary to the natural vibes in living spaces, in the upcoming years, we will see many more bright colors and fun decorations. The Barbie movie that came out in 2023 is definitely one of the driving forces for this bright and fun color trend. It doesn’t mean that all decor needs to be pink or plastic, it’s rather the inspiration to be more playful, have more fun, and enjoy and experiment with your space.

Aside from the Barbie movie, another reason why bright colors and fun decor trends are gaining popularity is the pandemic. People spent so much time indoors and inside their homes, that they want to refresh their living spaces and make them feel different, exciting, and vibrant. And bright colors and fun decors are just the way to do it! Ready to add some color to your house? Try these fun and bright wallpapers: Life’s So Fun, Botanical Gardens, and Magnolias in the Sun.

3. Unique tiles

Adding to the trend of bright colors and fun decor, in 2024 and forward fun tiles are entering the interior design scene. It means different colors and exciting patterns. Tiles that look like artwork and tiles that are inspired by travels. Tiles in different shapes from honeycombs to triangles. Some tiles will be spreading from the bathroom and kitchen areas into living spaces with interesting patterns reminding of a carpet and bringing attention to the floor.

If you are interested in the tile trend but you are not sure you want to commit to retiling the whole apartment, try wallpaper with a tile print! It will leave a similar effect and you can try out different patterns. For starters, check out our tile wallpaper collection!

4. Biomorphic-shaped decors from carpets to mirrors and lamps

Curved lines are entering the interior design scene. A biomorphic shape is a rounded shape with an irregular form. For a while now we have seen different items shaped like that and the trend is just going to become stronger. Irregularly shaped carpets under the living room’s coffee table or a mirror with an interesting form above the dresser accompanied with a rounded-shaped lamp. It’s all coming together to remind us to be more fluent and less perfect.

There’s also the option to try this trend with a touch of wallpaper! Be sure to check out these modern wallpapers that feature shapes of irregular forms: Paint Elegance, Golden Shapes, and Abstract Geometry.

Biomorphic shaped decor

5. Smarthome

Technologies are developing and entering more and more areas of our lives. It is no surprise that a home that is supplemented by smart technology is trendy right now. When it comes to smart homes, it can be anything. From a framed TV, that’s used as an art piece when you are not watching the newest TV series on Netflix, to smart bulbs that create ambient lighting for your room and can be controlled from your phone.

Feel free to add any other smart technology to your home that makes your life easier and your home trendier!

6. Separated kitchen and living room

Separate rooms are having a comeback – when talking about living spaces it is especially true for the living room and the kitchen. They have been melted for far too long and it is now time to separate them again into two different rooms.

Healthy food and meal prep is one of the overall trends of this time, and a dedicated room where to make food (aka kitchen) is a great addition to that. Closed kitchens also provide other practical benefits, for example, the cooking odors stay in one place and boiling pots don’t have to compete with conversations in the living room.

More often than not another added benefit of an enclosed kitchen is more storage space for all the healthy food and cooking tools.

Interior trends that are leaving the scene


1. All-white is out!

The monochrome, neutral looks were a calming influence after the colorful 2000, but it is again time to return to some color. The all-white and all-gray interiors are feeling too boring and lacking interest. We have seen too much of the whites and they have started to leave us feeling sterile and too perfect. The white “Instagram aesthetic” is changing into something more natural or at least bright – people need those colors to brighten up their days!

As for the all-white kitchen – even though the white trend is leaving and giving space to more colors, some argue that the white kitchen has become a classic and, therefore, is not a fading trend. That said, in the upcoming years we will see much more color introduced into the cooking space – from pastels and muted tones to dark colors. However, there will be some who will always choose a white and light kitchen look.

The new wave of interior trends is coming with bold colors as well as muted hues. It’s all about different tones and how they play with each other. So, when decorating the upcoming years, skip on the neutrals and add some interest with color!

2. Color-coordinated decor and furniture

There was a time when the ultimate goal of interior design was to color-coordinate everything. From sofas and armchairs to curtains and carpets. We are now slowly stepping away from that trend and leaning more towards different colors, tones, and hues. Even though there are more colors introduced in the interiors, they are not clashing with each other. It is rather a beautiful symphony of mixed and matched tones.

That also applies to losing the need for color-coordinated decor and everyday items. It is time to ditch the rainbow bookshelf and go back to regular book arrangement by style or author.

It is also time to retire coordinated living room sets. The sofa and chairs can have different prints and fabrics. They do need to go well together, so color theory and good pattern mixing are definitely going to have a high moment.

Color coordinated furniture and decor

3. Open floor plan

The pandemic changed everyone's views on open floor plans. Either for an office or home.

At home, when a quiet moment of alone time becomes precious it is hard to appreciate the opportunities that a joint living room and kitchen can provide. Now, the big spaces with no division just remind people of the hard times at home with no privacy, and everyone is ready to use a little bit more private time and then come together for a fun night in or out.

However, in office spaces privacy contributes to less contact with people and more concentration. That said though, it is unlikely that open-floor offices will go out of style entirely especially with the rise of hybrid work. Hybrid work will contribute to a not fixed but flexible seating arrangement in the office and an open floor plan is perfect for that.


In the ever-evolving world of interior design, change is the only constant. As we conclude our journey through the interior design trends of 2023 and a sneak peek into 2024, it's evident that the design landscape is vibrant, diverse, and full of exciting opportunities. These trends are not just about aesthetics; they are a reflection of our evolving lifestyles, needs, and desires.

As you prepare to embark on your own design projects, keep in mind that the key to successful interior design lies in striking a balance between staying on-trend and embracing timeless elements that resonate with your personal style. What's "in" today may become outdated tomorrow, but your home should always be a reflection of you.

So, go ahead and embrace the colors, patterns, and materials that resonate with your vision for your living space. Seek inspiration from the trends we've explored, but don't forget the enduring power of classic design principles. Ultimately, your home should be a sanctuary that tells your story, offers comfort, and invites you to create lasting memories.

Interior design trends

November 01, 2023