Muted colors, curved forms, and functional design. Danish Pastel aesthetic is ruling the internet and sneaking into homes close and far. Some describe it as “Scandinavian meets psychedelics of the 70s”, while others call it a “grown-up Barbie vibe”. Which is it? Keep reading and decide for yourself!

About Danish Pastel

About the Danish Pastel Aesthetic

Danish Pastel aesthetic is an interior design style that started its journey to popularity in 2020 and still keeps going. It was made popular by influencers on Social Media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. Even now, these platforms are bursting with aesthetically pleasing photos that show off the pastels and simplicity of Danish Pastel design.

This style is gentle, soft, and creative. It marries Scandinavian minimalism with muted pastel colors and whimsical, curved forms. It was first used to decorate offices and various common rooms but soon became very popular as an aesthetic for the home environment.

Because of its easy charm, the Danish Pastel Aesthetic is still loved by lots of people, especially young women in their 20ties. This style can have a delicate touch. The pastel colors make you feel like you have just stepped into a delicious dessert while elements that are characteristic of the style, for example, seashells and pearls, can make you think of fairytales like “Little Mermaid”.


What Danish Pastel Aesthetic looks like – key characteristics

Some of the elements we have already mentioned, but let’s do a deep dive and explore further what decor, furniture, colors, and arrangements describe a Danish Pastel aesthetic.

What Danish Pastel Aesthetic looks like key characterictics1

Pastel colors

As the name suggests, the Danish Pastel Aesthetic is described by pastel colors. It can be any pastel colors, from pastel green and blue to pastel pink and yellow. The pastel colors are used in decor elements as well as furniture. It can also be a wall color, however, plain white walls are a quite popular choice for the Danish Pastel Aesthetic as well.

Rounded shapes

In a perfect Danish Pastel Aesthetic, everything has a rounded corner. The table is round, the mirror is round, the rug is round and the shelves have rounded edges. The round form contributes to the delicate feeling this style emanates. When creating a room in Danish Pastel Aesthetic it is important to take into account the round shape, but of course, you can spice the space up with some sharp edges to give it more definition.

Odd forms

This is where the 70ties psychedelic shapes come in. It can be everything from oddly shaped blobs to something with a more precise form. For example, spirals and other curved lines are perfect for Danish Pastel Aesthetics. Be brave and experiment with different shapes and elements! Look for funky, rounded forms wherever you can. From mirrors to pillows, from shelves to coffee tables.

A very big Danish Pastel trend is wavy-shaped mirrors. The mirror edges themselves can be curved but you can also have a curved frame or decoration for the mirror. There are several options in the market or it is a perfect DIY project to experiment with different looks.

Checkerboard patterns

One of the few things that have a sharp edge in the Danish Pastel Aesthetic, is the checkerboard pattern. It can show up on surfaces, for example, tables or it can be sawn into a blanket or pillow. The checkerboard pattern can also be distorted and curvy as in the 70s psychedelic era. Just remember to have the checkerboard in cute and subtle pastel colors. A combination of pink and lavender is a great choice, or pastel yellow with pastel blue.

Sea shells

Sea shells have definitely become a staple for a Danish Pastel Aesthetic. It is a feminine and dreamy accessory that makes you think of all the legends and fairytales about mermaids and other sea creatures. They also have curved lines and an interesting, rounded shape – two things that perfectly go with the Danish Pastel Aesthetic. Sea shells can pop up as a picture on the wall, as decor, jewelry holder, lamps, and other items.

What rooms to decorate in Danish Pastel Aesthetic

Flowers, especially daisies

The whole vibe of Danish Pastel Aesthetic is easy, breezy spring. No stress, no drama just the best things in life. And flowers perfectly accompany that feeling. You can have flowers as prints for bedding, wallpaper, rugs, and pillows. You can also look for more interesting options by having trays, plates, and cups in flower form, as well as wall art based on the flower theme.

Fresh flowers and really good fake flowers are also an option for a Danish Pastel Aesthetic. Add flowers wherever you can! Put them in vases, hang them from the ceiling, or glue them to the walls or doors. When decorating with flowers, the only thing you need to remember is to have them in pastel colors.

Sweet foods

Danish Pastel Aesthetic color palette resembles lots of sweet foods, like marshmallows, candy, ice cream, whipped cream, etc. To embrace the food theme, feel free to add decors that look like your favorite sweets. Lollipop decor figures, jewelry dishes that look like ice cream in a cone, or fluffy pillows as marshmallows – all these items will fit perfectly within the aesthetic.

Cuteness overload

If it’s cute and in pastel color, it will work wonderfully with the Danish Pastel Aesthetic. Think pencil container decorated with 3D daisies, candles in various shapes from blobs to U-shaped tubes, and other small and big things that make you smile.

Wall collage

A very popular way to express the Danish Pastel Aesthetic is by making wall collages. Usually, the collage is more like an art piece, not a way to collect memories. The pictures often contain illustrations of hearts, flowers, animals, psychedelic vibe patterns, as well as sunsets, and everything else that is in pastel tones.


Posters similar to wall collage images often contain illustrations of the same kind – flowers, hearts, animals, etc. However, in a poster, the illustration and the idea behind it can expand a little bit more and have a more complex design. The Danish Pastel Aesthetic doesn’t demand posters to be framed, but if you want to you can add a frame.

Scandinavian-style furniture

Denmark is a part of Scandinavia so the popular, minimalistic Scandinavian furniture is well matched with the Danish Pastel Aesthetic. Think of functional items with no frills and decors but with elegant and light style. When it comes to furniture you can use light wood or choose white or pastel colors.

Lighting options

Lighting in a Danish Pastel Aesthetic is soft and subtle. A very iconic piece you can add to your room is a mushroom lamp or a lamp with a cone lamp shade. A great idea is also adding backdrop lighting, for example, LED lights behind your bed’s headboard. Choose LED lights that change colors and you can set a different mood for every night.

Danish Pastel Aesthetic Wallpaper

Even though plain white walls decorated with collages, posters, and other cute items are a Danish Pastel Aesthetic staple, it is also acceptable to add wallpaper. A good idea might be to have a statement wall that acts as an art piece. For the wallpaper to fit in the Danish Pastel Aesthetic, look for round and squirrely shapes, flowers, and pastel colors. Here are a few great Danish Pastel Aesthetic Wallpaper ideas to check out: Hibiscus and Pearls, Curved Blush Lines.

Finding the Hygge in Danish Pastel Aesthetic

Have you heard about the hygge (pronounced: hoo-gah)? It is a Danish life philosophy that’s also has taken over the interior design world. It means being content with what you have, looking for coziness and joy in the little things, and embracing an uncluttered, somewhat minimalistic lifestyle.

If you are interested in The Danish Pastel Aesthetic, you should definitely explore the hygge as well. You can start by creating a balanced interior design – choose 3 (not more) main pastel colors for your room, use the vertical and horizontal space wisely, and spread out items around the room in a harmonious way.

Think – less is more. Add decor elements, but don’t overclutter the space. Let the room breathe and give yourself a space where you can rest. Another benefit of the minimalistic approach – fewer items in a room means it is easier to keep it tidy and clean, which in turn means the room will give you more peace.

Finding the Hygge in Danish Pastel Aesthetic

What rooms to decorate in Danish Pastel Aesthetic?

Danish Pastel Aesthetic can feel very feminine or even girly with its soft colors, flower theme, and cute and whimsical decor. However, it doesn’t have to be. You can choose to decorate a room in neutral pastels, like beige, soft peach, and mint green, and avoid the “cute” elements like flowers, seashells, and hearts. Use decor items with clean lines and no extra frills – the simplest designs you can find.

That said, Danish Pastel Aesthetic can go well with almost every room in your house. Girls’ room? Perfect! Living room? Definitely. Kitchen? Yes, please! Aren’t sure you want to decorate a major room in this style but would like to try it? Choose a bathroom or entryway! You don’t even need to decorate a whole room in this aesthetic. You can also choose to start with a corner of the room, for example, decorate the breakfast nook in this theme, but keep the rest of the kitchen neutral.

What rooms to decorate in Danish Pastel Aesthetic


The Danish Pastel Aesthetic is on the rise. Hygge and minimalism are definitely trending ideas in home design and this aesthetic fits the bill. It adds a little bit of color for those who consider the classic Scandinavian style a little too white, but not too much to feel overwhelmed. This is also one of the easiest styles for interior design beginners – there are clear rules on what items fit the look and the pastel color palette is very welcoming to mixing and matching.

October 18, 2023