Looking for a way to quickly and easily update your home décor this summer? Why not try peel and stick wallpaper? There are many different styles and designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular wallpaper designs to try out this summer. Read on for inspiration!

Wallpaper trends in summer 2022

This summer you can expect to see a lot of floral, faunal, and nature-inspired prints, as well as geometric patterns. Tropical themes are also popular, so if you’re looking for something different, try a palm tree or jungle print. If you want to make a statement, go for a bold, graphic print in a bright color.

Embracing summer trends with peel and stick wallpaper

Even though florals and nature-inspired wallpaper designs will be trendy the whole year, with peel and stick wallpaper you can easily give your space a summery look in no time. You can, for example, choose light and brights florals, and then, when the winter comes, circle back to darker floral prints. Or just do the opposite – for summer add a little bit of coziness to the room with dark wallpaper prints, and in the winter brighten up the room with colorful and light patterns.

Nevertheless, peel and stick wallpaper is the right choice if you want to have a totally fresh look for your room for the new season. It is easy to install and easy to remove, it looks amazing and chic, and you can follow yearly interior trends with little or no fuss.

Best dark floral print wallpapers

Dark florals are gaining more and more popularity – they are subtle and appropriate for people who want a statement wall but don’t want it to be too bright or colorful. Dark florals also have a very whimsical and mysterious look, if that’s your personality, this floral trend will compliment it perfectly. It is feminine but not girly, fun but not frilly – the perfect combination for a nature-inspired look.

Leaves pattern wallpaper by DeccoPrint

Ferns and forest berries – the Midnight tale stick and peel wallpaper

Fewer flowers, more plants. If you don’t feel like a “floral kind of gal” this is the perfect solution. This wallpaper still has a floral and nature-inspired print, but it is not overwhelmingly rich with flowers and petals. This wallpaper goes very well with dark wood furniture and black finishings whether it is colored wood or industrial metal, as well as white elements. The brown matches the acorns, but the white – the berries.

If you enjoy walks in the forest and you are fascinated with all the little details in nature, this is the wallpaper for you. It absolutely brings in the room forest vibes and you can almost smell the pine trees. A calming effect is guaranteed.

Dark floral pattern wallpaper by DeccoPrint

Night sky flower bouquet – the Dark garden stick and peel wallpaper

This is a very beautiful and cute pattern that will look good in the bedroom, as well as in other rooms. The blue shades of flowers and the lightly colored stems go wonderfully together and create a well-balanced design. Since a lot more black from the background peeks through, this is a quite dark wallpaper.

If you like the print, but think it might be too dark for the whole wall, cover just a part of it or use it on a wall protrusion. To not darken the room even more, use light furniture and light decor elements. Another way how to use stick and peel wallpaper in home decor is to use it for lining cabinets or drawers or use it as a backdrop for standing shelves.

Leaves and flowers wallpaper pattern by DeccoPrint

Japanese elegance – the Leaves and Flowers stick and peel wallpaper

The deep black background contrasts so beautifully with the pink flowers that look just like the Japanese cherry blossoms. A stick and peel wallpaper pattern that invites you to follow the story, admire the details, and get lost in the magical world of always growing greenery.

This is a perfect wallpaper design for someone who has a sensitive soul and is a little bit mysterious. The dark tones of the design suggest that this is not an ordinary floral backdrop from a dollhouse, this wallpaper belongs to someone who knows what they want and isn’t afraid to go for it but still appreciates the delicate things in life.

Best light floral and tropical print wallpapers

And now onto wallpaper in more traditional summer colors – the bright, light, and pastel shades. These tones are great for lifting the mood, bringing more playfulness or softness to the room (depending on whether the tones are bright or pastel), and just generally fun and exciting to look at. If you want to decorate your inside home so it feels more appropriate for the upcoming season, bright and light stick and peel wallpaper is the way to go!

Spring Flowers wallpaper pattern by DeccoPrint

Color bomb the walls – the Spring Flowers stick and peel wallpaper

Yellow is the ultimate summer color – it represents the sun, sand on the beach, and flowers that bloom in meadows, backyard gardens, and on roadsides. That is why this design is so perfect for a summery room – the big, bright yellow flowers are a focal point of otherwise very variegated print. This is a colorful design where a lot is going on, but the colors go very well together and do not clash but complement each other.

If you are a true summer fan this is the print to go for. It will look amazing and on point during summer, but let’s be honest, it will live very well through the winter as well as a reminder of the warmer days. Since this is a pretty colorful and eye-catching design, it will look perfectly not only on a whole wall but also on smaller surfaces and areas. Feel free to experiment! Stick and peel wallpaper is here for that.

Pastels and pinks – wallpaper pattern by DeccoPrint

Pastels and pinks – the Purity stick and peel wallpaper

A light and gentle touch to a room that serves as a sanctuary and a resting station for a busy and highly feminine lady. The “hand-drawn” wild rose flowers will leave you feeling warm and inspired. This is the perfect backdrop for lighting a candle and curling up with your favorite book on a lazy Sunday.

This design can also be used as an accent in common rooms that are shared with the whole family. In this case, keep in mind your whole family's preferences and if they are not ok with that much pink, use it on a smaller scale, for example, wallpapering just a part of a room or using it in a hallway. There is always a way how to sneak a little bit of pink and pastels into the house. Just need to look for it!

Golden palm wallpaper pattern by DeccoPrint

Industrial chic – the Golden Palm stick and peel wallpaper

Black, white, and gold – that is “the” combination for an elegant look. This wallpaper will look wonderful with industrial design, modern furniture, and a minimalistic interior. It will match perfectly with the same color design elements – go for black furniture and black light fixtures, add some white here and there, and bring it all together with gold decor – figurines, nobs, trays, etc.

This is also a great solution if you have always wanted to try an accent wall but didn’t like the idea of too busy patterns and colors all over the place. This stick and peel wallpaper print still works as an accent wall, but at the same time, the colors are minimalistic and don’t draw too much attention. A win-win situation!

In Conclusion

Nature theme is definitely a trend this summer in wallpaper designs – try dark prints or lighter ones, with gold elements or extremely colorful. The variety of stick and peel wallpaper designs is enormous. Just choose the one that speaks to your heart!

June 08, 2022