With the help of wallpaper it’s possible to completely redesign the interior in your house, we all already know that and most of us have already tried this trick. But what if you are not ready for any drastic changes in your interior, but still want something new that would create a fresh new vibe in your room? Of course, the small things can make a difference, for example, new decors, different color rugs and pillows, as well as houseplants, but that’s not enough, isn’t it? Well, there is one thing that you might have ignored and overlooked this whole time – your door.

Nobody ever really pays attention to doors, unless those are unique and thoughtfully chosen by the house owners. But it shouldn’t be this way - the doors are the first thing everyone notices and encounters when going into a room or a house. In the perfect interior, the doors should give a hint of what awaits inside even before you step your foot inside, not just serve as a separator of two different spaces. The doors mustn’t be a thing you randomly pick out in the store with no second thought - door’s of one's room can tell a lot about the person who lives inside.

But don’t worry if you have doors in your apartment that do not completely match your vibe, are outdated, or just don't fit the interior, because we have an interesting solution for you – peel and stick wallpaper for doors!


With the help of peel and stick wallpaper you can easily spruce up your interior. This type of wallpaper doesn’t require a lot of hard work (wallpapering doors shouldn’t be too hard no matter the wallpaper type), you won’t need to buy wallpaper adhesive, and the whole installation process is quite fast. Peel and stick wallpapers now come with the most intricate and magnificent designs you can imagine. We, for example, have wallpapers with japanese designs, damask, art deco, flora, fauna, and more. You can choose your wallpaper by the designs, colors, or by function of the room.

The wallpaper sticks to any smooth surface, and if your door has one like that, then you can continue with your small DIY door upgrading project. And, since the wallpaper is removable, you can change the design whenever you want! If you feel like your chosen wallpaper doesn’t look that grand as it did in your mind’s eye, just take it down and choose another wallpaper. And note that the piece of wallpaper you take down can be reapplied - perhaps the design would better suit some other doors? Now, let’s take a look at how you can redesign your room doors with simple peel and stick wallpaper tricks.

Doors in interior


Who would have guessed, right? A good way to create a stunning visual is by covering the whole door surface with wallpaper. You can either create a focal point by making the door stand out with a unique design wallpaper, or, for a more glamorous effect, you can match the door with the wallpaper design that you have on the walls. By extending the wallpaper from the wall onto the door, the colors and patterns will gracefully flow together and only the door knob will let you know where the door is.

To apply wallpaper this way, you first have to take off the door knob, and when the wallpaper is carefully applied and the air bubbles are smoothed out with a squeegee (before applying wallpaper, make sure that the surface is smooth and clean from dust), use a paper knife to cut out holes where the knob should be. Also, cut off excess paper from the sides, if there is any, put the door knob back and that’s it!

In this case you can get creative and choose the most unusual wallpaper designs, for example, get wallpaper with brick motifs, a fake window design, or marble design perhaps. For a vintage look in the room, you can create a patchwork door - choose various wallpapers with pattern designs (try to stick to one color palette), cut a small square from each and put all those squares together on the door surface. The colorful result will create a cheerful, cottage core interior vibe. Experiment with your taste and different wallpaper designs!


Wallpaper on the whole surface, if not applied correctly, can sometimes start ripping off from the sides, since doors are the thing we touch, push, and pull daily. So, if you don’t think that you can wallpaper the whole surface the right way, you can decorate only the middle of the door. The result will look neat and there will be less chance for the paper to rip off and catch on to something.

Just measure how much of the design you want to see in the middle and cut the wallpaper in the shape you desire (it is not written in stone that you should definitely cut the wallpaper in a square form. If you like unusual things, try out round, or triangle shapes). Apply the piece right in the middle of the door and, for a neat look, create a frame around the wallpaper sides by adding moldings (you can paint those golden, for example, if you want more class in your interior).

Any design will look wonderful in the center of the door, so choose the one that suits your interior! Floral patterns will create a romantic vibe in your room, damask and art deco designs will look sophisticated and classy, and geometric patterns will create a neat, organized look. If you have white walls and the door is also white, wallpapering them this way will bring in a pinch of freshness and novelty into the interior.

Doors in the interior design


Another great way to apply removable wallpaper on the doors is by applying it only on one half of the door. But don’t just install the wallpaper on one half of the door and call it a day - what we suggest is to stick a beautiful pattern paper on the top part of the door and cover the lover half of it with a wainscoting panel, or any other decorative element. For the best looking result, install the wainscotting panel and wallpaper in the proportions of 2:3, because a precise 1:1 will not be that eye-pleasing. This might be a little more complicated DIY project, but with a bit of patience and a steady hand, you will be able to create a unique design door! Also, if you install the wainscotting panels on the walls as well, you will create a neat cohesion in the interior, which will harmonize the overall look in the room.

Here, to choose the best wallpaper design, you have to look at the cases in interior design, when wainscotting is done. For example, you will see a lot of these panels in traditional interior design style, transitional, as well as in cottage core interior aesthetic. Look into these styles and see what kind of wallpaper is used the most. You will notice a lot of monochrome walls (traditional and transitional style), or quite the contrary - patterned wallpapers with flora and fauna (vintage, cottage core). You can drive your inspiration from these styles and thus you won’t go wrong with combining wallpaper and panels. Of course, you can choose any wallpaper you like and create a “one of a kind” door - there are no limits to your imagination and the peel and stick wallpaper allows you to try out even the craziest of designs! Don’t like what you have created? Just peel the wallpaper off and try again!


Doors can get in the way of creating the interior of your dreams and can be nothing more than a complete eyesore. Instead of automatically assuming that there is nothing to be done in order to change the situation, painting the doors (which often results in even bigger disappointment), or buying new doors, it’s worth at least trying out the simple things that can solve the problem - try simple, inexpensive options, before you get to the big guns, and in this case, your simple solution is peel and stick wallpaper. A much cheaper alternative with endless design options.

Wallpapering the door with peel and stick wallpaper will quickly improve the appearance of the interior, as well as hide some imperfections or small defects the door surface has. And unlike paint, the wallpaper won’t leave your room smelling funky for a week. You can choose the most intricate designs there are, simple geometric patterns, or gorgeous floral patterns - we have it all and more! Have some fun and redesign your room doors with peel and stick wallpaper!

Doors in interior design

November 21, 2022