If you are renovating your house, freshening up your interior, or just thinking about it, you have probably considered getting wallpaper (or at least this idea has popped up in your head a few times). Wallpapering your walls is a neat way to decorate and completely change the interior, no matter if you install the wallpaper on all four walls, or just one accent wall. Not only it brings in some beauty in the home, but it also helps to preserve the wall’s surface - protects it from scratches, stains and other damages (an important factor if you own pets or have small children), as well as hides small defects on the walls. Also, you should consider getting wallpaper if you love intricate patterns and designs - it’s much easier to apply a wallpaper with such a design than to paint delicate patterns by hand (and paint can sometimes start chipping and cracking).

So, you have chosen wallpaper. As you may have already noticed, there are two popular types of wallpaper - traditional and peel and stick (also called removable) wallpaper. But what is traditional and what is this removable wallpaper, you may wonder. Worry not, because we will tell you all about the differences of these wallpapers and in which cases you should use each.

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The difference between peel and stick wallpaper and traditional wallpaper

Here we will look at the differences between the two wallpapers - removable and traditional wallpaper. Even though they both look almost identical, they have one huge difference that sets them apart. So, let’s start with the peel and stick wallpaper and see, what is this removable mystery.

Peel and stick wallpaper

What exactly is peel and stick wallpaper? The main difference between traditional and removable wallpaper lies in the fact that peel and stick wallpaper doesn’t require glue for the installation process, and therefore is easier to install and, of course, remove, saving you a lot of trouble and mess that is usually associated with wallpaper. All you have to do is remove the protective layer from the backside of the wallpaper and attach it to the surface - just as if it was a huge sticker!

And, since it is so easy to apply it and later take off (without damaging the surface or leaving any pieces of paper on it), you can use this wallpaper to not only freshen up the walls, but also to decorate your furniture whenever you feel like you need some updates in your house, but are not ready for a grand interior makeover. Also, those who love to follow different wallpaper trends or rent their apartments, opt for this particular wallpaper type - you can change the wallpaper designs and colors as many times as you want without damaging the walls, and you can try out different styles to see which one suits your home best.

Pros of this wallpaper would be the easy and fast application process and the damage-free removal. However, there are, of course, some disadvantages for this wallpaper. For example, this wallpaper will not hold on to the wall as well as the traditional wallpaper, which, as we know, is pretty hard to remove from the walls. Take note that if you want a perfect result, the surface has to be smooth and flat. Textured surfaces won’t do great with peel and stick wallpaper. Also, you might need to be a bit more precise and accurate when applying the wallpaper, because you will have to carefully smooth out the air bubbles underneath the wallpaper (for traditional wallpaper it might be a bit easier because of the glue which helps to smooth everything out with one quick stroke), though if something goes wrong, you can take it off and stick back on how many times you want - this wallpaper is quite forgiving of these small mistakes.

Peel and stick wallpaper design from DeccoPrint

Traditional wallpaper

Traditional wallpaper is the one most of us are familiar with already, so there is not much new to say - it’s a basic wallpaper that is not self-adhesive. To apply this wallpaper, an additional wallpaper adhesive is required as well as a lot of patience and work. But if you are committed to a particular design, traditional wallpaper will do just great! It sticks to the wall so well that it will stay the same on your walls for years to come. Traditional wallpapers have high quality designs, so if you are looking for high quality, luxurious pieces that will last in your home for years to come, you will find them among traditional wallpapers. As for cons, the strongest attribute of this wallpaper is also its weakness - its permanence. The wallpaper will hold on to the wall so well that you will break a sweat trying to remove it (if a day comes when you don’t like the particular wallpaper design anymore). The installation process is a bit more complicated, but it is definitely worth the effort, if you want a long-lasting result. The paper may leave some glue on the walls or pieces of paper that you will have to scrape off. Also, the adhesives and wallpaper itself can be pretty expensive if you look for something of really high quality.

When to use each wallpaper

Despite the pros and cons of each wallpaper, there are certain instances where it is better to choose one or the other wallpaper.for your interior - that’s why the two wallpapers exist in the first place. Let’s start with the cases where you should better choose removable peel and stick wallpaper.

When and why you should use peel and stick wallpaper

Removable wallpaper will be perfect if you are looking for a short-term option. For example, you are soon to have a baby in your family, and you want to create a lovely nursery. This is a room which will definitely need some changes or upgrades after a few years, so it would not be wise to install traditional wallpaper with kids’ design on it - when your kid grows up, they will definitely want to change the design! So it is smarter to install peel and stick wallpaper which you will be able to change whenever you want something new or when it’s time for changes. Same if you are a renter, or live in a dorm - it might be against the rules to install wallpaper, but removable wallpaper will leave no trace when you move out and take off the wallpaper, it will be as if you had never even installed it! Also, if you love to jump in the newest interior design trends, peel and stick wallpaper will be the best choice for you. Those trends change annually, so with removable wallpaper you can easily try them out in your interior every year.

If you wish to spice up your interior but don’t want to mess with walls, you can decorate your old furniture with peel and stick wallpaper. You can easily decorate and upgrade any surface that is smooth, for example, wardrobe, coffee table, nightstand, bookshelf, and other pieces of furniture. This is a simple, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly way to make some changes in your interior without having to throw out old stuff and buying new. But if this is not what you are looking for, then traditional wallpaper might be the thing for you.

When and why you should use traditional wallpaper

Traditional wallpaper is better to use if you are certain that you want that one particular wallpaper design for a long time, since it has a much longer lifespan than removable wallpaper and will stick to the wall much better. Yes, the installation of this wallpaper will require a lot more work and more expenses, but it is worth it if you aim for longevity and high quality. This type of wallpaper is perfect for rooms where you definitely won’t want to change the wallpaper any time soon, for example, foyer, guestroom, laundry room, attic, or other rooms depending on their purpose.

Also, since traditional wallpaper has been around for ages, the options for beautiful designs with different textures and patterns are limitless. So, you won’t have any problem finding the wallpaper of your dreams, if you choose traditional wallpaper. And don’t associate this wallpaper with your grandparents’ boring living room tapestries - today you can find prints that have a shimmer, are heat-sensitive, have built-in LED lights and more!

Deccoprint wallpaper design

Final words

The decision to choose traditional or peel and stick wallpaper should be based on your personal needs, the purpose of the room, your taste, budget, and some other specific needs of yours.

Removable wallpaper is your best option if you know that the room will have to go through a lot of changes in the future. It can be easily put up and quickly taken down, allowing you to change the interior as many times as you want. Peel and stick wallpaper can also save you and bring in your life some joy if you rent your apartment or live in a dorm.

But if you have a place where you know that you will be staying for a long time and definitely want to invest your time and work in that place, you can surely choose traditional wallpaper, which will without doubt hold onto the walls for many years to come.

Whichever you choose, the result will look almost identical and the quality will be astonishing, Deccoprint guarantees you that! Need some inspiration for wallpaper designs? Check out our product catalog!

November 24, 2022