Wallpaper is strongly associated as a wall decor for the entire wall. Even the word wallpaper itself refers to the traditional use of wallpaper -  it’s a paper for the wall. But we can look at them from a different perspective. Namely, people are used to replacing something dull or outdated with something interesting and gorgeous. For example, cars are painted in different bright colors, people dress in clothes they like, glue stickers to computers and so on. We can freshen up almost anything that seems boring and gloom and put a new life to it. Wallpaper fits perfectly into this idea - just like walls, other things can be made better.
So let’s look at seven alternative ways to spice up your everyday life with wallpapers.
  1. Make it as a piece of art.
Wallpaper designs are high quality and unique that you can even use it as a wall decor. You can take the brightest snippet and place it in a frame (or multiple frames), and you got a art piece on a budget.
  1. Wrapping presents
Wallpapers are more durable than a regular wrapping paper and you will save the nature if you use the leftover material from previous projects. A great advantage is also the universal design of the wallpaper, which will be useful in practically any gifting situation.
  1. Background for photoshoot
There is often a desire to take a stylish picture (feeling fabulous!) but the problem is - all the backgrounds are bland and boring. With wallpapers you can easily fix it - you just have to cover a certain surface with them (an old plywood board works). This solution can also be used at various parties when you need to design a photo corner.
  1. Test it on furniture. 
When looking for a wallpaper in a shop, it looks very good, but not sure whether it will look great on your home? Putting it on a piece of furniture, such as a wardrobe is a great way to test the wallpaper. If it looks good, you can continue with the whole wall. Or you can leave only in the closet if the color matches well with the existing wall color.
  1. Hide the damages and signs of obsolescence.
Every home has furniture and items that are served their time in the interior.  They are not thrown out, because they are still in “good enough” condition to perform their functions, but visually you can notice that they are worn-out. With wallpaper this problem can be solved pretty easily. It can cover almost any surface that can add a characteristic and hides visual imperfections. Peel & Stick wallpaper can be used in different ways - tables, chairs and even on staircases. By the way, DeccoPrint can help you to order for oddly shaped walls and non-standard sizes for various projects.
  1. Create a special corner. 
The whole room does not have to be in one pattern. An interesting idea is to cover a small part of it with a different type of wallpaper. Make this a special place for your pet, a reading corner, relaxing area or a space for children.
7.Build a creative zone for children.
Why not give your little ones a free place on a wall or space in the nursery to express their creative artistic skills? Put up the wallpaper as a coloring book where children can color it in the way they like it.  This can be turned into a fun family event where everyone can join.
We hope that you are inspired to turn wallpapers into new projects, because it isn’t only for the walls for sure.
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June 08, 2021