Wallpaper is one of the ways to add a pop of color to greyish walls, but there are still people who avoid using them for various reasons. Some of them are real, while others are just made up.

Let's look at the most common wallpaper myths and find out why they are just myths - not the truth.

    Applying and removing them is a big hassle

Of course, working with wallpaper is not a matter of minutes, but at the same time it is also much faster and easier than you can imagine. Namely, wallpapers have changed since the days when they became popular. Nowadays they are available in two ways (at least) - traditional and self-adhesive. Peel & Stick wallpaper means that no additional glue is needed, the wallpaper will stick to the wall themselves. They will hold firmly, but at the same time are not glued with any construction glue that cannot be torn off. Self-adhesive wallpaper is relatively easy to remove without leaving any damages to the wall. This in turn means that it is possible to experiment more often with the look of your home.


    The wallpaper is ugly and the image will never be of high quality

This point is, of course, subjective, but there is also one objective circumstance. The production technologies are well developed. Today the wallpapers are printed in very high quality, the pattern is always completely sharp, there are no technical flaws that would hold back from purchasing it. It’s possible, for example, to put up inconspicuous geometric wallpapers that give character to the wall, but do not attract too much attention.

    Wallpapers are monotonous and are found only in grandmothers' homes

This has often been the case in the past, and many have maintained such associations. They did not have too much diversity, however the situation is different nowadays. Most stores, including DeccoPrint, offer a variety of wallpaper categories for all tastes and needs - from cute animals for the nursery, minimalist geometric shapes, to intricate images that are almost a piece of artwork. What is even more interesting, that it’s possible to order wallpaper with your own design. It can be anything - a child's drawings, your own photos, special designs, etc. The room will get a unique touch.

    Wallpapers are for walls only

The word wallpaper itself does point to this, but this statement is not entirely true. When ordering wallpaper, you get a material that can be used in different ways. It’s popular to cover for example, gifts, old (but useful) furniture, staircases, even ceilings with wallpaper. You can find many different inspirational examples just waiting for the use of wallpaper.

    Wallpapers deteriorate quickly and can’t be maintained

Most wallpaper sellers offer years of warranties on their wallpapers (note that they are not in direct sunlight). DeccoPrint wallpaper also will last for years without losing its printing properties and color saturation. Why are we so sure about this? Because of more than 7 years of experience with printing materials, we have performed countless tests of materials and colors. Wallpapers can also be washable. Most wallpapers today are no longer coated with paper, as they used to be. In addition - some types of wallpaper can be glued even in the bathroom!

Did we alleviate your worries a little? It’s worth giving wallpapers a chance. Modern quality certainly will not disappoint you!

June 09, 2021