If you equate wallpaper with the 1980s, it's time to reconsider. Right now, wallpaper is making a tremendous comeback. This ornamental tradition is no longer a leftover of a bygone era of design. Wallpaper is sometimes referred to as a designer's hidden weapon because of its capacity to completely modify an environment. It's a versatile piece of decor that may be used to add color, texture, or pattern to a room. It can also be used to make a large space feel smaller or a small place appear larger.

It is the newest trend in home design, with superior removable wallpaper options. With so many different styles to pick from, you're sure to find one that you like.

When it comes to adding wallpaper to your home, it's important to remember that there are some ground rules to follow. These styling dos and don'ts will assist you in giving your place a fresh, new look with half the work.

The Do’s

Do go daring with design

If you're going to decorate one wall in a room with a unique design, go for it. Otherwise, your wall may appear to be chaotic rather than the result of careful planning. Choose wallpaper that sticks out from the other vertical surfaces' simplicity. You can do this by using a color that draws attention to itself, such as rich blues or warm orange. In addition to color, you can choose wallpaper with sophisticated or vibrant designs. Floral artwork and animal designs, as well as geometric patterns and striped wallpaper, will make a strong statement.

Fish pattern wallpaper in magenta color

Do start small

Hanging wallpaper may be a challenge, no matter how many videos you watch that make it look easy. That's why it's a good idea to put your toe in the water first and evaluate how you feel before diving into a huge endeavor.

Start with a smaller room, such as a powder room or a corridor. Although a bold pattern may appear to be overwhelming in such a space, it might really help it appear larger.

Paper the back of a bookcase, cabinet, or closet for a visual pop of interest. These are excellent places to use wallpaper to add depth and aesthetic appeal to a space. Starting small also helps you in determining whether wallpaper is the best choice for you.

Do get a great product

Always choose a wallpaper that you enjoy. This is the key to enjoying any home décor endeavor. Our peel and stick wallpapers, murals, and decals are all high-quality and come in a variety of patterns, so you can't go wrong.

Deccoprint is a market leader in decorative wallcoverings. Our patterns and colors provide the perfect backdrop for a home improvement project. Take a peek at our peel and stick wallpaper options right now to start living your best life at home.

Peel and stick process

Do feature walls

Less is more in this case. So goes the saying. This is one case where it is unquestionably true. Consider wallpaper as a decorative element, especially if you're using bold patterns and vibrant colors. A single wall covered in your favorite wallpaper could be all you need to create a significant impact.

Do think about general color scheme

You should be bold with the design of your accent wall, but it doesn't mean you should pick a wallpaper at random. Consider the color scheme you've already chosen for the room. What color would stand out while still keeping a sense of balance? When paired with blue and gray furniture, a vivid red will stand out, but its boldness may threaten to entirely consume the space. A medium blue would be better in keeping with the overall motif while yet being bold enough to provide interest to the room. The same principle applies to the hues of patterned wallpaper.

Wallpaper pattern by DeccoPrint

Do peel off & reuse for another project

But first, did you know that wallpaper can be reused and reapplied? There is a growing trend to reconsider wasting things. This is for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is that reusing wallpaper not only saves money but also benefits the environment by reducing waste. To put it simply, repurposing your wallpaper is a great idea.

The Don'ts

Don’t begin without a plan

A fantastic wallpaper experience requires careful planning and preparation.

Practice lining up the pattern on the floor first to ensure you get it right on the walls. Before committing, pin sheets up and see how you feel after a few days to make sure you love your choice.

Apply Wallpaper

Don’t forget to prepare the walls

If you take the time to prepare the walls, your wallpaper will look its finest. You may believe that the paper will hide old holes or bumps, but in reality, every flaw will be visible. Clean the walls thoroughly and make certain that any holes are filled. To achieve the best results, sand out any irregularities until the wall is smooth, then apply wallpaper priming.

Don’t fear the fifth wall

Wallpapered ceilings may appear to be an out-of-the-box notion, but they can look fantastic! Wallpapered ceilings are such a popular contemporary interior style right now. The use of patterned ceiling decorations is becoming increasingly popular. Grab that extra roll!

Don’t use too many bold patterns

Bold patterns are fine for accent walls, but they shouldn't be used on all four walls and the ceiling in the same space, otherwise you'll go insane. Mixing random patterns together is not a good idea. Also, don't strew paper throughout the house. Too much of a good thing may easily become a bad thing when it comes to wallpaper.

Wallpaper pattern by DeccoPrint

Don’t be afraid of wall damages

Wallpaper removal is one of the most common worries. The good news is that removing your wallpaper or wall mural will be a snap if you follow the necessary surface preparation requirements before installation. Peel the panels off one by one to remove peel and stick wallpaper; they will not leave any residue.

Don’t think you can’t hang it in humid rooms

Wallpaper ideas for kitchens and bathrooms can instantly transform a space, yet we often worry that wallpaper isn't suitable for humid environments. It all boils down to choosing a wallpaper that is designed to withstand moisture and steam. Look for papers with durable vinyl coatings, wipe-clean surfaces, and embossed details for long-lasting beauty. In both of these practical areas, wallpaper is a significantly less expensive option than tiling when done appropriately.

Styling with wallpaper

In most cases, homeowners follow the unwritten rule that all of the walls in a room should be the same color and design. This ensures that the atmosphere in the room is always pleasant. Even so, you might wish to add some personality to a room. Making changes to the décor is one option, but you can also design an accent wall to bring your home to life in a more distinctive way. Wallpaper's adaptability makes it an excellent choice for this project. Don’t be scared to breathe life into your walls with one or several of thousands available removable wallpaper designs!

Wallpaper pattern by DeccoPrint

April 27, 2022