If you are thinking about freshening up your interior, or changing it completely, you have probably looked into some interior design styles, or are doing so at this very moment. There are so many styles and a lot of them are similar to others where only small nuances differ. It can be overwhelming finding and understanding every interior design style there is, but that’s why we are here – to help you understand one of the many interior design styles – eclectic style. And we will also give you some tips on how to create such interior in your house, so buckle up! But first – what exactly is eclectic style?

What is eclectic style

The word eclectic and the meaning behind it relates to the process of taking the best from different sources. This can relate to style, ideas, different interior elements, and any other thing you can imagine. First this word was often used relating to philosophy, when different ideas were derived from various best sources to create a new idea. Only in the 19th century it was used in architecture industry, when architects selected elements from different styles to create a new look.

As already mentioned, eclectic style takes the best elements from various sources. And you are probably wondering how does eclectic style differ from bohemian, since boho also has various items from different styles and cultures. The difference lies in impulsivity and thoughtfulness. Bohemian style is all about unique interior where every piece has its story, it’s about breaking the rules and stereotypes, showing off your inner world with the help of mundane items. Bohemian decors usually are your own unique and impulsive findings from all around the world, thrift stores, or your own handmade items (for example, textured wall hangings).

Eclectic style on the other hand, looks more grounded and “grown-up,” it gives the impression of randomness, but it is not random at all. There are a few basic “rules” to follow, when creating such interior, the decorations are usually thoughtfully acquired and sometimes even not from the cheap end (as it is in most cases of bohemian style). If you are creating eclectic interior, you will go into the store with a list of things you need to buy, but with boho, you follow your personal taste, comply to your impulsiveness and just get the things you like. Boho style cannot be created in one day, but if it is possible, then it is eclectic style. So, if you are curious about eclectic style basic principles and how to create such interior in your living room, be ready to take notes, because we are about to tell you everything you need to know.

Eclectic style living room

How to create eclectic interior design

Eclectic style involves a lot of mixing and matching as well as fusing the old with the modern. You will notice this in different things – furniture, patterns, colors etc. The task is to create an effortless look with a bit of effort, because if not done properly, the result will look like a pure chaos made by children. So follow these tips to avoid that.

  1. Choose your colors and stick to them

If you wish to create the best eclectic look, you should choose only a few favorite colors of yours and stick to them. We would suggest to choose two or three colors - a neutral hue and a few accent colors. And don’t forget about negative space – use whites and blacks to create blank spaces, so that your eyes can get some rest.

After you have chosen your colors, try to incorporate them in different elements all around the house. Remember, the colors have to be repeated throughout the interior. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to paint all the walls and furniture in the same color – you can achieve the desired result by purchasing pillows in such colors, vases, side tables, rugs and other small elements.

And, to keep it cool, instead of crazy chaotic, we would advise to opt for the combination of neutral walls and colorful accents instead of creating a vibrant backdrop with plain accessories. Light wall color will make the place look more spacious and brighter, but dark walls will give more depth and warmth. So, basically, paint your walls in a neutral, light or dark color and complement the place with different decorations in those colors you chose. Use those colors in different elements throughout the house.

Color pallete by DeccoPrint

  1. Have fun and mix everything UP

With this style you should avoid furniture sets or similar pieces of furniture. Instead, what you should do is mix different materials together as well as styles. For example, mix art deco furniture with Victorian style furniture. In this style you can also pair traditional, old pieces with modern items, for example, put your flat screen TV on a vintage table. The contrast will make the interior look amazing.

This also applies to textures – the interior will thrive if surrounded by different textures. Though don’t overdo it, too much texture will overwhelm you, so introduce the different textures in small doses. For example, you can place smooth textures next to rugged ones, thick next to thin, soft next to hard (for example, soft settee next to a marble table). Just remember this golden rule – don’t use one texture too many times.

And don’t be afraid to pick a completely “out of place” furniture piece, because that’s exactly what you need – a statement piece. You need one (or max two, if the room is big enough) things in your room that will catch the eye and occupy the brain. It can be an unusual furniture piece, some kind of statue, an accent wall, or gallery wall. If you have a fireplace in your living room, that can be your statement piece as well. A statement piece will be a great conversation starter, which will complement the interior and provide that creative vibe you need in an eclectic interior. Also, focal point helps the space feel consistent, which is important as you will be bringing together different styles and elements. Though don’t overdo it – too many statement pieces will overwhelm the place and you will lose that eclectic edge.

  1. Create gallery wall

To show your creativity, you can create gallery wall, which is very characteristic to eclectic interior. Framed wall art pieces will also help you create a bit of symmetry in the room, which is important in eclectic design, as not to make everything look too messy and random. Also, try to use different size, color (you can use black, light yellow wood, or gold) and design frames for a true eclectic style. To create a gallery wall, start with framing two pieces that you love and use those as main reference points. Look for something that is similar to the two pieces in terms of style, vibe, color etc.

If you don’t know what to put up in your gallery wall, we have some suggestions for you – you can frame different things that you have collected over time (maps, posters, brochures, postcards), your own art, paintings, as well as your family photos - thus you will add a sentimental value to the gallery wall and your living room. If none of this impresses you, you can go the creative way – frame a piece of beautiful wallpaper.

Framing wallpaper is a budget friendly option which will look just like a piece of real artwork or a painting (depending on what design wallpaper you choose) on your wall. It is easy to cut the wallpaper any size you want, so you can experiment with the sizes and see what works best. And if you have some leftover wallpaper from making gallery wall, you can decorate other things in your house with it (for example, cupboards, bookshelves, flower pots), thus creating that repetitive, creative element in the room, which is needed in eclectic interior design.

Gallery wall interior design

Final words

Eclectic style – a perfect style for those who don’t have a particular style they prefer, but instead enjoy a bit from everything. For those, who have creative souls and are daring enough to bring in some colors into their life. Eclectic style itself doesn’t have many rules or expectations, all you have to do is just carefully plan everything out, match the things you have in your house, and go all in – this is not a minimalist style!

This style allows to mix up everything that is beautiful and is flexible to changes of your personal taste unlike some other interior design styles. So if you believe that you have a rich inner world, at least a bit of sense of style, and the will to show it off, go ahead and transform your living room into an eclectic wonder!

October 31, 2022