Have you noticed that your walls have small dents, or the dorm room you rent has stains on the walls and small cracks? Do you feel like you need some new upgrades in your interior, but there is hardly any space for anything new? Well, who would have thought that wallpaper can be used not only as a wall covering, but also as a stylish way to hide some of the eyesores you have in your house?

Wallpaper can be your ultimate material for grand upgrades, so in this article we will look at 5 situations where wallpaper can save the day.

  1. Your room looks too dim

Not all of us are blessed with “ceiling to floor” windows, or an apartment located in the sunny part of the building. Some people get the short end of the stick, unfortunately, and have to make do with ill-lit apartments. The lack of sunlight can create a quite grim atmosphere in the room and deprive us of joy. But don’t worry, you don’t have to break a hole in the wall for an extra window – you can create an illusion of light and warmth with a proper design wallpaper. The design we talk about is one that has a light and bright color palette in the design. But don’t instantly opt for all-white designs – white color, even though it is a light one, will create a cold atmosphere, so it is better to combine white with another, warm tone color to create the perfect balance. In your dim room you can opt for light yellows, or greens. Pink is also an option. The warm tones will make you feel more comfortable and cozy, and will illuminate the room, making it look brighter. For additional effects, install as many mirrors as possible - those will reflect the small amount of light you get in the room and the situation will significantly improve.

But speaking of wallpapers that can help you in this case, we can suggest choosing “Green Foliage,” “Old Sport,”Flush Blush,” “My Chardonnay,” and others that you can find in our product catalog (try filtering the designs by color). Take in mind that you should avoid massive designs - those will be too overwhelming in shady places and will make the room look smaller. What you need is lightness, airyness, and warmth - look for these characteristics in the designs!

  1. The walls have defects

Not everything in this world can be perfect and that includes walls. Especially if you live in an old building, the walls may have some small cracks, bumps, and dents, or some weird stains (especially if you move in dorms, where the inhabitants come and go every year, leaving some new dents and stains after themselves). These defects might not be noticeable at first, but for you, a person who has to live surrounded by these walls, those imperfections might get on nerves or ruin your mood, as well as the interior itself. Overall, it’s not so pleasing to live in a place that screams for upgrades. To hide these imperfections you can install wallpaper – it’s a cost-effective and time saving solution that doesn’t require much skill, and you will be able to completely hide these defects. Of course, the bumps and dents will still be visible from a certain angle, but not as much as before.

To hide cracks and stains, it doesn’t matter what kind of wallpaper design you choose. But, to hide defects like dents and bumps, it’s better to choose bold, bright designs - those usually have a lot of contrast and depth, which will help make small texture imperfections on walls not as noticable. Of course, the bumps and dents will still be visible from a certain angle and in certain light, but not as much as before. In this case, you can choose our wallpapers “Fern Herbarium,”Lost in Lemons” or “Dark Garden,” for example. There are many wallpaper designs that have the potential to save your interior. But if you rent your apartment, or live in a dorm, instead of traditional wallpaper, choose peel and stick wallpaper - it’s removable and won’t damage the already damaged walls.

Wall with defects

  1. You need new furniture

Bored of the stuff you have had for years now? Or, perhaps, you just recently renovated your room, but the old furniture doesn’t go so well with the new interior? To solve these problems, you don’t necessarily need to throw out all furniture you have and buy new – you can just upgrade the furniture you already have with peel and stick wallpaper. This particular wallpaper can be removed from the surface no matter how much time has passed. As long as the furniture has a smooth surface, you can apply any wallpaper design on any furniture piece you want! Just pick out the peel and stick wallpaper design you love and spare some time for a small DIY project. You will have to do a lot of measuring and cutting, but the result will be worth it – it will feel as if you had bought a new piece of furniture and your boring, old interior will be saved!

For example, if you want a tasteful touch in your kitchen, you can cover your table with a marble, or terrazzo design wallpaper. Have fun and try out different designs on different pieces of furniture!

  1. Landlord doesn’t allow to make any changes

Isn’t it awful? You weren't able to personalize your dorm room during college years and now, when you find your own first apartment, the landlord announces that no changes in the interior can be made. That’s just horrible! When will you get to have your time to shine and the chance to adjust your living space to meet your needs and taste? Well, if you choose peel and stick wallpaper, this time can be now! The wonderful aspect of peel and stick wallpaper is that not only it doesn’t require additional glue, it can also be removed as easily as applied. It can be compared to a huge sticker that, when taken off, doesn’t leave any pieces of paper on the wall, or glue, and just doesn’t damage the walls in any way. So, this is a renter-safe product! When it is time for you to move out of your apartment or dorm room, just take down the wallpaper and the landlord won’t even know you had wallpapered the walls during the time of your stay.

So, now you have a chance to make your place truly yours – have fun with the colorful, magnificent designs and show off your taste! If you need some inspiration, you can check out our blog - you’ll find a lot of useful posts there.

  1. You need to protect the walls from daily life damages

Now this goes hand in hand with the previous situation. Let’s imagine that you rent an apartment. Without doubt, the landlord would want you to be careful and when the time comes, leave the apartment without any damages done to the property, isn’t that right? So, in this case, our magical peel and stick wallpaper can help you protect the walls, as well as furniture. Not only it hides the imperfections, the wallpaper will protect the surface from getting scratched, staining, or some other small damages that can happen in our daily-life situations. You definitely need wallpaper if you have small children that love to show their artistic talent on the walls, or if you have pets that tend to scratch different surfaces. For some, the kitchen tends to be the most problematic room in the house – oil often gets on the walls from frying, or surfaces get sticky from a gas stove. Peel and stick wallpaper will take all this damage upon itself and when you move out, or just want a new wallpaper, you can easily remove it - the wall underneath it will be in the same condition as it was when you moved in.

If you already know that the walls will definitely receive some damage, you should choose wallpaper designs that are darker in tone – it will be harder to notice dents and stains on such wallpaper. Or choose a patterned, colorful design. The many colors and shapes will catch your attention and draw your eye away from any stains or scratches. For example, we can suggest applying our wallpapers “Dark Gems,” “Classical Patterns,” “Gray Stones,” or other wallpapers with rich designs.

Furniture in a home

Final words

There is no need for big renovation projects to tackle a small problem. Wallpaper can not only solve your problems, but will also freshen up your interior – by thinking outside the box you can kill two birds with one stone. Moreover, wallpaper is quite an affordable product, so in some of the mentioned situations, it’s wiser to choose wallpaper as a remedy for your problems, instead of investing in an alternative. Of course, not every case is the same for everybody, so be observant of your needs. And if you doubt the power of wallpaper, you can always just try it out by using peel and stick wallpaper - if it doesn’t fit your expectations, you can just take it off and take a note for yourself, that wallpaper is not your cup of tea.

Best of luck!

November 28, 2022