While kids are still kids, it’s worth putting some effort into creating their dream room. They will grow up in no time, we all know that, and at least they will have some fond memories of their perfect little world you made for them. To help you with some ideas, we picked out six of the cutest kids room interior ideas that you can easily recreate with the help of wallpapers and appropriate decorations.

When you, together with your kids, have decided what theme you are going for, we advise you to choose peel and stick wallpaper, instead of traditional wallpaper – it’s removable, thus you will be able to change the interior once your kid grows up and becomes tired of the childish atmosphere. Well, let’s cut to the chase and see what crazy ideas we have prepared for you!

Enchanting garden

Dreamy pastel interior with flower motifs will melt your little princesses hearts without doubt. To create this dreamy vibe, use soothing tones and pastels in the interior, for example, peach, cream, lavender, or baby pink color. Try to include a lot of softness in the interior and in different forms. For example, get a lot of plush toys, soft pillows, and shag rugs, opt for “soft” wallpaper designs - in this case, flower patterns will work best. The fragile blossoms on the walls will add on to that softness and will create an enchanting garden atmosphere. Also, for a pinch of a princess vibe, get a canopy for the bed and decorate it with fairy lights. When it’ll be time for a bedtime story, your kids will feel as if the fairytale is surrounding them – that’s how magical the combination of lights and a canopy is! And, of course, get some flowers, preferably artificial ones, so that they can bloom in the room and delight the visitors of the garden all year round.

To create a magical garden atmosphere for your kids, you can use our flowery wallpapers “The Gold Garden,” “Pink Tulips,” or “Pink Peonies”. All of them will add that essential soft, lovely touch to the interior and your girls will feel like real princesses amidst flower blossoms.

Dinosaurs – back in time

Does your kid enjoy animation movies like “Ice Age,” is curious about the history, and loves to collect strange rocks? Take your little archeologist back in time with a dinosaur themed interior! This interior will work best with natural colors - browns, greens, and also a bit of gray. So use these colors not only for the walls, but also decorations, bedsheets, curtains, and other interior elements. Though since these are quite grounding, heavy colors, use them in light tones – only some accents can be in bold colors. To create that prehistoric atmosphere, decorate the room with a lot of indoor plants, dino toys, and different rocks and minerals. You can even make fossils from modeling clay with your kid to use them as decorations! Remember lava lamps? That’s right - it’s time for them to shine again! A red lava lamp will perfectly fit the theme and your kid will definitely enjoy the floating bubbles!

A “World of Dino” wallpaper will capture your child's attention with the many details it has, and the various prehistoric animal illustrations will create a true World of Dino atmosphere! This and the other dino wallpapers will be great for both boy and girl rooms. Also, you can add more of those green tones in the interior by using “Pixie Dust” wallpaper - a wonderful green pattern that not only adds interest to the room, but also resembles dinosaur skin! By the way, you don’t have to necessarily cover all four walls with wallpaper - removable wallpapers can be used on any smooth surface to decorate it! For example, decorate your kids' wardrobe with “Dino Friends” wallpaper, or spruce up the door with the cute “Dino Princesses” design!

A child playing with dinosaur toys

Wilderness for adventure seekers

Free-spirited interior that ignites your kids' appetite for adventures and creates a nurturing atmosphere at the same time is definitely one with nature, wildlife and jungle elements. If your kid enjoys spending hours in amusement parks, playgrounds, and at the Zoo, they will definitely appreciate a jungle interior. Of course, such an interior captivates a lot of green tones and tropical elements in itself, so use those as much as possible (though speaking of tones, use pastel greens, instead of bright colors that will overwhelm your child). If the jungle and its inhabitants is not the topic of interest for your kid, you can choose safari (more yellowish tones, than greens, and more giraffes, of course), or a forest theme – all of them capture the element of wilderness and freedom. As additional items, to complement the theme, you can get a small indoor tent (perfect for your kid to have a personal space), a hammock, or, you can even create a small climbing wall. Houseplants, especially monstera, will add on to that wilderness atmosphere.

We have a lot of wallpapers we can present to you, that have masterfully captured the essence of wildlife. For example, “Jungle Freedom” and “The Land of Love” wallpapers radiate the combination of harmony and nature, “Mountain Valley,” on the other hand, captures the spirit of freedom and liveliness, but the absolutely gorgeous design “Forest Dwellers” from our landscape wallpaper collection will make your little one feel one with the nature. For a pinch of cuteness in your wild interior, you can try out “Lazy Bunnies,” or “Daily Life of Pandas” – aren’t these designs adorable?

A child playing with toys

An endless vacation on the beach

Create a feeling of an endless vacation on the beach for your kids by choosing a coastal theme! It’s not that hard to create it – blue pastels in the interior will mimic the ocean, a few seashells as decorations will literally bring the beach into the interior, and different marine animal plush toys will complement the theme. The blue interior will also create a calm and peaceful environment – just the thing our little ones need after a long day of playing around! Get bedsheets in calming blue tones, a sand colored rug (to imitate beach sand look), night lamps in the shape of marine animals (for example, cute turtle night lights are quite popular and will definitely fit the theme), and, as the final touch – a net, which will serve as a canopy over the bed (decorate the net with cute fairy lights, starfish, fake hibiscus flowers, and other things that remind you of the beach). And just because this theme has a lot of blue tones, it doesn’t mean that it’s only for boys – girls like underwater creatures and playing on the beach as well! Though if your little princess is not a big fan of the color blue, you can switch it to beige, or white. And for a little bit of freshness, get indoor palm plants, for example, Areca Palm, or Majesty Palm – those will perfectly fit the theme!

Our cute ocean themed wallpapers are not just perfect for this interior theme – they were made for it! For example, if you wish to create a magical underwater world in your kids room, try out “Ocean Bottom” wallpaper, or, if Hawaii beach vibes are what you aim for, “Playful Ocean” wallpaper with some coastal decorations will get that done! And don’t limit yourself with only kids wallpapers – there are beautiful designs in other categories too, that will suit your kids room just as well! For example, an accent wall with the gorgeous “Ocean King” design will definitely excite your kid, or “Beige Fragments” will elegantly create that sandy beach atmosphere. There are many options available, as long as you think outside the box!

Vacation theme folded paper boat

A room for curious minds

Isn’t it wonderful that your kid shows interest in history, sciences, different cultures, geography, and basically the world that we live in? Create an environment that will help your kid expand their knowledge! The colors of “educational” interior are not that relevant as are the items in it are – decorate the interior with informative posters or canvas (for example, with maps, different animal species, or plants), install a bookshelf where your kid can store encyclopedias (hexagon shaped shelves will definitely fit the theme), get a globe or multiple (there are many different, interesting globes available, for example, a globe of the Moon!), as well as a chalkboard, so that your little one can feel like a true scientist and scribble down recent discoveries. But don’t forget that your kid is just a kid, and don’t turn their curiosity into something they grow to hate – just because your child loves learning new things, doesn’t mean that they don’t like fun and games! Create a “playtime” corner in the room too - set a small table and chair, get a soft rug so that your kid can play on the ground, add plush toys, art supplies, coloring books, puzzles and more of the stuff that your little one enjoys! Don’t worry, there are many fun game sets available that help develop the brain, so your kid can have fun and learn new things!

Turn the whole wall into something worth paying attention to – we have wonderful wallpapers with world map designs that will help your kid learn where is what! Not only do these designs show the geographic layout of the world, but they also have cute illustrations of what each area is unique for. For example, in the “Travel Map” design you can see that each continent has drawings of its characteristic animals, or most common travel destinations. A colorful, pretty, and educational design, isn’t that wonderful? “Dream Map” wallpaper has its elements white with only their outlines in color – a nice, subtle design that your kid can use as a coloring book and “upgrade” with crayons!

Space for your little astronaut

A space themed room will delight those who dream of growing up to become an astronaut, or those who love sci-fi animation movies with their whole heart. The color palette of such an interior consists of white tones, blue, and a pinch of purple. So, if you use those in decors and for walls, you will be able to create a space theme in the room with ease. Purchase those glow-in-the-dark stars and stick them on the ceiling (you can try and imitate real star constellations), get a moon night lamp, and, as an extra step, get your kid a real telescope! Futuristic decorations are also encouraged in this interior as well as toys that are associated with the vast cosmos (for example, aliens and rocket ships). Add fairy lights, of course – in the dark those will look like cute little stars. You can even install a bookshelf in a corner of the room that resembles a rocket ship (a narrow, vertical shelf with a pointy top) and store encyclopedias about the universe in it, as well as toys. Draw your inspiration from sci-fi animation movies and most importantly – listen to what your kid would love to see in the room!

As for the wallpapers, “Into the Space” is an absolute masterpiece that will create that cosmic setting in the interior. Design “Milky Way” is quite dark with some splashes of color, but don’t be scared of the dark tones – those will create a cozy, safe atmosphere in the room, and if the interior is complemented with different lighting elements, this combination will feel absolutely dreamy and fantastic! Wallpapers with space patterns, such as “Through a Telescope,” “Constellations,” and “Space Sketch,” will look wonderful on different furniture pieces – apply your favorite wallpaper on a bookshelf, dresser, or a wardrobe, for example!

Kids dressed as astronauts

Get inspired from our kids wallpaper collection!

Indulge in pattern frenzy, splash colors into the interior, create a real fantasy world for your kid and more with the help of our amazing wallpapers! We have more than enough designs for any interior imaginable. Browse through our kids wallpaper katalog and inspire yourself for an amazing kids room makeover! Note that all of the designs are available as peel & stick wallpapers as well as traditional wallpapers. Traditional ones will hold on tight for many years to come, so choose this type of wallpaper if you are certain that you and your kid won’t grow tired of the design. But if you plan on changing the interior sometime in the future, or know that your kids will nudge you to remodel the room, invest in peel & stick wallpaper – it can be removed from the wall (or any other smooth surface you have applied it on) any time you desire to do so! Also, we offer samples for all wallpaper designs – try out your favorites to see how well they work with other room elements. Ready to surprise your kids with an awesome, fresh interior? Don’t hesitate and order your wallpaper right now!

December 07, 2022