Are you designing or renovating your house or apartment? If you are looking for a way to create a comfortable natural oasis right in your own home, the urban jungle style could be right for you! Such interiors are still quite rare, yet they are truly unique.

In this article, get inspired to create an interior full of exotic plant patterns!

 Plants in interior

What is the Urban Jungle style?

The urban jungle style has become extremely popular in recent years, and it won’t leave the trend so soon. In today's busy routine, when we have little to no time for leisure and even less time for moving away from the city and getting in touch with nature, we suffer from stress.

To break this scenario and bring nature indoors, around 2017, all interior and architecture enthusiasts started a new trend, filling living spaces with plants and other natural elements. The idea is to improve the style of the environment and the well-being of the residents by introducing a little wild garden in every room - what has become known today as Urban Jungle.

Since then, the trend has only grown and gained more and more supporters in the world.

What are the characteristics of the Urban Jungle?

Now that you know what an Urban Jungle is, it's time to learn how to implement it in your home. The main features of this style are:

  • use plants;
  • rely on natural materials;
  • let natural light into the room;
  • form spaces with a focus on greenery, joy, and sustainability.

With this in mind, evaluate the interior of your home and consider the following tips to implement the Urban Jungle style properly.


Choose the houseplants that are suitable for your space

Choosing plants for interior decoration is nothing new, but in the case of Urban Jungle, they are a design focus that can affect the home environment and the lives of its residents in different ways.

So, houseplants are a must-have element in Urban Jungle style. They not only refresh the whole look but also break the line between the city and nature. And let's not forget about the fresh air they provide! In addition, the ability of plants to affect our mood and physical and mental health has long been studied. As a result, various studies have concluded that contact with plants affects our physical and mental health, including reducing stress.

Since houseplants are the focus of an urban jungle home, you must choose the right plants for your living space. Though, be sure to do some research before you start buying houseplants! The type of soil used, the amount of sunlight needed, and how often you have to water them varies between different plant types, so you want to find those houseplants that work well for your level of experience. Monsters, cacti, pothos, hoyas, and ponytail palms are just some of the most commonly used plants for decorating urban jungle homes. In addition, group plants with similar needs together to make it easier to take care of them.

For those who do not want to fill their homes with live plants, there is an alternative. Use decorative elements that mimic plant shapes, textures, and colors. For smaller objects, you can also choose accent colors, such as gold, to help them stand out.


Go for a simple color scheme

The urban jungle interior design style tends to integrate basic color schemes, making it easier not to overdo the colors on an already colorful home plant background. White and beige are the most commonly used colors in this home decorating style because they allow plants to stand out in a small space, but earth and water tones also work well in urban jungle homes, thanks to their associations with energy, comfort, health, and nature. If you are looking for a good accent color for urban jungle interiors, then choose pops of gold, orange or pink.

Of course, the urban jungle style uses many versions of green – from a very light shade to a very deep and rich shade of green. Their goal is to create a jungle atmosphere, as the name of the design style suggests. Therefore, commonly used colors mostly refer to plants, especially exotic: cacti, palms, vines. These themes include not only color but also prints. This is mostly reflected in the use of textures, such as pillows. Monstera leaves are typically imitated, as are the palms and cacti already mentioned.

Urban Jungle has a very rich style, so it uses other colors as well, such as:

  • white,
  • beige,
  • brown,
  • gray,
  • yellow
  • orange,
  • pink.

However, this does not mean that you cannot design an urban jungle interior using other colors. Shades of blue – especially bright – perfectly accentuate and match the lush greenery.

Computer on desk with plants

Let in natural light

Not only is natural light a necessity for many houseplants, but it is also part of urban jungle home decorating! Allowing more natural light to enter your home makes it look bigger and more spacious, which can be useful if you live in a small space like a studio apartment. If you don't want to leave your windows completely uncovered, try semi-sheer curtains or bamboo blinds – both are aesthetically pleasing, work well with urban jungle style, and are practical light-filtering solutions!

Apply earthy materials

In an urban jungle-style home, when thinking about furniture and decors, avoid materials that look or feel synthetic. Instead, choose wicker, bamboo, wood, terracotta, or other natural materials to create an organic feel throughout your living space. These materials not only complete the aesthetics of the urban jungle but are also much more sustainable than plastics, polymers, and polyester. Also, don't forget about natural textiles such as cotton or linen!

Bedroom interior design with plants

Add nature-themed wall decor

Leaf and flower prints, landscape paintings, and other nature-focused home decor are great accessories for your urban jungle home. Here are some ideas on how to fill empty walls in urban jungle style!

Install solid shelving

Good shelving is very important for urban jungle design. Since you need a lot of space for different house plants at different heights throughout your home, consider mixing and matching shelves. You can add floating shelves to flowering plants around your TV or above the bed. Also, consider reusing and decorating your old ladder – it will be a suitable place for plants such as cacti and succulents. Or create a kitchen accent with hanging ceiling shelves for vines and climbing plants.

Plants on shelves

Use art prints

Printed images of flowers or animals can also help you mimic the atmosphere of the jungle. Currently, the most popular print designs are drawings or watercolor art pieces because they create an authentic look in your interior. Using art prints, you can create the perfect layout on your wall or shelf.

Get some mirrors

One or even more mirrors in your room will reflect light and make the space brighter! It will also help to give your plants the light they need.

Try jungle & tropical-themed removable wallpapers

Finish decorating your home in urban jungle style by installing some funky jungle or tropical-themed removable wallpaper. Also, you can jump on a trend and choose animal-themed wallpapers. Go wild and fill your home with the jungle!

 Peel and stick Wallpapers by DeccoPrint

Focus on sustainability

While decorating options are important when it comes to urban jungle interiors, embracing sustainability at home is also part of urban jungle home design. Create a compost bin under the sink in your kitchen or garden for food scraps, and then use the compost to help your plants grow. Also buy houseplants from local growers, especially those who adhere to sustainable practices themselves. Buy high-quality, durable plant pots instead of plastic variants. Urban jungle style is here to help you make more sustainable choices every day!

Urban Jungle – does it fit any interior?

There is nothing to prevent the use of urban jungle style in any type of interior – whether it is a house or an apartment. The remaining question is to what extent you want to implement this style in your living space.

Knowing what the Urban Jungle is, you can't go wrong. Just choose the plants that best suit your space and routine, define the decor elements, and let your imagination run wild to create your jungle indoors!

We hope this decorating post inspired you to recreate the Urban Jungle style in your home! 

Plants in interior

February 23, 2022