Decorated bathroom always leaves a great impact. Because it has a very specific purpose, we tend to focus just on the functionality of the bathroom and forget about the aesthetics. This is one of the reasons why with just a little bit of effort, it is possible to create a stunning bathroom that will inspire you and your guests. Keep reading to learn more!

Bathroom elements you cannot leave out

There are some decorative elements that you can skip when setting up a bathroom, for example, plants or wall art. But then there are some that act not only as an interior element but also have a function, for example, a bathtub or faucet.


Did you know you can easily change faucets even in a rental space? If you want your bathroom to have a luxurious design vibe definitely think of changing the faucets. Usually, bathrooms come with ordinary silver faucets that leave no impact. If you want to be bold, choose something in black or gold. Also, think about the shape and go for something sleek and elegant.

Fun floors

Your bathroom will definitely need a floor so choose something fun! There are great tile options these days – from classically elegant to avangard eclectic. Choose what makes you happy! And what goes with the overall style of the bathroom.


Even though technically a rug is not a necessary bathroom element, it still plays a crucial role. A wet floor often is slippery and a bathroom rug can save you from unwanted trauma. Also, a rug can be used to cover a floor that doesn’t inspire you but that came with the rental and you cannot tear out. However, if you love your bathroom floors, use a small rug that is useful for getting out of the shower safely but doesn’t cover a lot of your flooring.

Bathtub and shower

Even a bathtub and shower can become a design element in the bathroom. A bathtub will set the tone for the room – is it a modern style, classical or whimsical? Choose accordingly to your liking and decorate the rest of the room in line with this style. The shower also has some say in the vibe of the room, a little bit less than a tub, but still, it plays a big role in the overall feel of the room.

Towel hanging station

You want your towels to be dry and easily accessible. Create spots for hanging towels near the shower and/or bathtub. Think about how you can hang them so they dry faster. Maybe use a horizontal towel holder? Or maybe you are going to have a bathroom radiator? All great options for storing and drying towels.


No bathroom is finished without a mirror. The mirror can also be a cabinet or you can choose a wall mirror. If you go for a wall mirror you have more options regarding the style and shape of the mirror. Also, you can choose a frame that works best with your interior design style. It depends on your situation, if you need more storage space, definitely go for a cabinet with a mirror. If you have enough storage, consider getting a wall mirror.


Storage is the key to a tidy and elegant bathroom. There are some items that you want to showcase on an open shelf, but some that you want to hide away in a cabinet with nontransparent doors.

Before you start thinking about what to put where decide what you need to store in the bathroom. Often we try to squeeze all bathroom and washing-related items in the bathroom, but maybe they can be stored in another place that offers more storage. For example, maybe towels can live in the shared linen closet? Or cleaning supplies can find a place in the laundry room? And maybe you don’t need to store all toilet paper supply in the bathroom? Just keep a few extra rolls in the bathroom while the rest is nicely tucked away in a utility room.


Closed cabinets

Closed cabinets are perfect for storing items that don’t look coherent together but are needed in the bathroom. From hygiene products to brushes and sponges, decide for yourself what will look best displayed on an open shelf and what needs to live behind closed doors!


Shelves are great for storing bathroom items in a beautiful way. It usually means taking them out of store-bought packaging and moving them into glass jars or other dedicated containers. You have to agree, cotton pads just look so much better in a clear glass container rather than the original plastic packaging! It is best to try to keep the shelves as uncluttered as possible since you will need to dust them regularly and items placed sporadically just look more luxurious.


Baskets are a top choice for storing towels and toilet paper rolls in the bathroom. They look nice, they give the room a texture and they group together similar items. Smaller baskets can be used for holding smaller things like combs, cosmetic tubes, etc.

Lighting elements

All rooms need light including the bathroom. It is an opportunity to find interesting lighting elements that can be functional as well as beautiful. Start with a ceiling lamp. Skip the uneventful saucer lamp that most likely came with the place. Choose something much more fun and exciting! It can be a design lamp shaped like a flower or a chandelier if that is something you would enjoy. Check for fun options that make you smile!

And secondly, you will definitely need a mirror lamp. You can choose a mirror with built-in lights, that is an option. Or choose separate lamps that go on the wall. When choosing these lamps it is important to keep in mind their functionality. You will need bright light for make-up and shaving, so make sure they are not only beautiful but also give you good lighting.

If you are feeling extra, you can also add an additional lamp next to your bathtub. So when you are having a relaxing bath you can switch off the ceiling lamp and have just an ambient light for a chill mood. The bathtub light is perfect for reading a book while relaxing your troubles away in foamy hot water.

Lighting elements

What’s on the walls?

Bathroom walls are perfect for decorating. Don’t leave this step out! There might already be shelves or cabinets on the walls, but you can also add any other interesting decor element.


In the 21st century, wallpaper is nothing new in the bathroom. However, it is best to use peel and stick wallpaper for this purpose. Also, use wallpaper wisely – add it to places that don’t get that wet, for example, the wall with the exit door. Don’t use it directly in the shower or as a backsplash for the sink. If your bathroom has a window, you, even more, have nothing to worry about. Stick and peel wallpaper stays perfectly on in a well-ventilated bathroom.

Here are some fun wallpaper options to check out for a bathroom: Ornate Alley, Layered Tropics, and Old Sport.


Having a bare room in the bathroom? Add beautiful artwork to it! It can be anything starting from water or bathroom-themed print or something unrelated to that topic. Whatever looks good in the space and goes with the overall vibe of the room will be a great choice!


Time can really fly while bathing, so it is wise to have a clock in the bathroom. A clock also works as a decor piece so choose a design that looks good in the space. You can go for a mechanical clock or electronic one, whatever suits the vibe!

Let’s decorate!

A bathroom as any other room needs those little touches to make it feel extra homey and put together. You can use elements that are bathroom-specific or something that would look good in any other room. Take a look!


Plants revive any room including a bathroom. If your bathroom has a window – perfect! Choose plants that thrive in tropical conditions since it is going to get hot and steamy in the bathroom on daily bases. If your bathroom lacks natural light, you can try some plants that enjoy shady conditions. But most likely you will need to manage with fake plants. However, nowadays it is not really a problem – there are fake plants that look more real than actual real plants.


Candles are perfect for a relaxing evening. Whether you are having a home SPA day or just taking a long bath candles will supplement the mood and give you the cue to relax. They also work great as decor pieces, if you choose candles in elegant containers or exquisite shapes.


Scents will help your bathroom to maintain the luxurious and elegant vibe that you have created with the design elements. Choose whatever suits your style – reed diffuser sticks, diffuser lamp with essential oils, electrical air freshener, or any other option.

Soap and hand cream container

Don’t use store-bought packaging for hand soap. Rather purchase a glass or ceramic container and fill it up. Your whole bathroom will look much more put together with this option. Also, consider adding a hand cream to your hand-washing routine. If you do so, find a matching container for the cream, label it, and have a fantastic set!

Let’s decorate!

In conclusion

A bathroom definitely is firstly a functional room, but that doesn’t mean it cannot also be a well-designed space that sparks you joy. Think about all the elements – from faucets and floors to soap containers and wallart. With just a few touches you can make a boring bathroom into a home SPA dream.