Are you a devoted book lover and want your room decor to show it? It doesn’t have to be anything big – it can be small hints here and there that will remind you that books are your first love. Plus a bookshelf of course. Every true book lover needs a bookshelf, small or big, in their home. Keep reading and get tips on how to decorate a room in a manner that reflects your interest in books!

1. Wallpaper prints for booklovers

If you are excited about books and want to show it, there are some very obvious wallpaper choices, for example, photo wallpaper with a print of books that resemble a library. It is a fine choice for a book lover like yourself and if it resonates with you, go for it!

However, another great option is going a little bit more subtle. For example, there are options to choose a wallpaper with text or words. Or go a totally different route and choose a wallpaper that feels like is straight from your favorite novel.

Loving Jane Eyer? Choose wallpaper that would have been in her home, for example, one of these: Birds and The Trees or Natural Blossom. Maybe you are a Gatsby fan? These ArtDeco wallpaper then would be perfect for you: Gallant Duke or Desirable Old World.

And if you cannot find what you love in the assortment of wallpapers, you can always create your own wallpaper. It can be something with excerpts from your favorite books or printed with your personal favorite words or authors. You can work with a designer and artist to create the wallpaper of your dreams that will truly be unique. Check out the option of creating your own wallpaper here!

2. Pillows for booklovers

Pillows are always a great decoration piece. It is easy to throw them on a bed, sofa, or armchair. They can be shaped in several forms and resemble different objects. They can also be the regular pillow rectangle with a fun print. Because of their versatility pillows can really spice up any area and make it look finished.

So, what are good pillow choices for a book lover? To be fair, any pillow will compliment a book lover’s space as they make a room feel cozy and are great for back support when reading or just snuggling with if the book is a bit scary.

But if you are looking for something extra, search for pillows that are shaped like books or pillows with quotes from your favorite book. Maybe you would also enjoy a pillow shaped like a pen or with a print of your favorite author or character?

If you are ok with going more subtle, choose pillows that would look great in your favorite character’s space, and decorate accordingly.


3. Wallart for booklovers

Wallart has always been the best way how to express one’s interests, hobbies, and likes in their home decor. Wall art can vary from posters and canvas to paintings and wall coverings.

If you are feeling creative and would like to have something spectacular you can create a wall art piece with old books or book replicas. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest or you can hire a local artist to help you with this project. One of the ideas is to have an installation of open books that is mounted to the wall. Or maybe the open books are displayed in a row and the open pages are folded in origami shapes.

However, if you want something easy and nonchalant, definitely choose a poster or a canvas print. It can be a quote or a book joke, or even a wisdom snippet. Or maybe it is a drawing or a painting that associates with books. There are several designs available online or you can work on an individual design yourself.

Another fun option is to find a vintage poster that promotes a book you love or a poster for a movie based on a book you enjoy. Also, if you like to attend book readings, maybe you have a signed copy of your favorite living author? Why not frame it and hang it on the wall?

4. Bookshelves

No book lover's house is finished without a bookshelf. You don’t need to get the biggest bookshelf, but you will want to showcase your favorite books or a place where to keep the ones that are on your reading list. Here are a few options for bookshelves.

Bookshelves on the wall

Built-in bookshelves

If you are interested in full-length bookshelves, consider building them in. It is also a great option how to use unordinary nooks and crannies in your house. Any space you don’t know what to do with – turn it into a built-in bookshelf! The built-in shelves can go from the floor to the ceiling or just halfway up from either side.

Floating shelves

Another option – choose floating shelves for books! They look sleek and when covered with books, all attention is on the books. You can choose the size and number of shelves that suits your needs the best.

Book cart

Are you living in a rental and are not allowed to make holes in the wall? Choose a fun option like a book cart! It will give you a library vibe plus it is a great way how to store books and use them as a home decor piece.

Standing bookshelf

Another option for a bookshelf that is not mounted to the wall, is a free-standing bookshelf that when stacked, looks like a tower of books. It is truly a great decor piece that also has the function of storing your favorite book collection.

5. Reading nook

If you are really serious about decorating a space in a book lover’s manner, a reading nook is a great way how to express your passion. You can create a reading nook anywhere in the home, from the guest room to the awkward space under the stairs. To have a reading nook, you just need to have these elements: good lighting for reading, a comfy seat, and a place where to put your hot drink. Bookshelves are optional. To learn more about how to create a cute reading nook click here!

Reading nook

6. Cozy items for book reading session

A true book lover needs several spaces in their home where it is comfortable to read a book. Of course, you can read it wherever, it really doesn’t matter as long as the book is great, but if it is your house, why not make the space perfect for book reading? You don’t have to dedicate a specific area and build a reading nook if you don’t want to or the space doesn’t allow it, but what you can do is keep by hand cozy items that make you want to snuggle with a good book.

Blankets for Booklovers

Blanket is always a good idea for a book reading session. You can use any blanket that goes well with your interior design from wool knits to your grandma’s quilts. If you are feeling adventurous and excited to show your love for books, go for a blanket that has a book reference! Either it is a quote, some other text, or the blanket looks like a bookshelf. There are several options to choose from. People are definitely getting creative with blanket prints.


Candles are amazing for setting a mood. You will definitely need better lighting than a candle for reading, but it can be a good extra element that helps you relax and enjoy the book-reading moment to the fullest. For an extra kick, choose a scented candle! Either a scent that you just enjoy, or try something fun like a candle with vintage book scent or library aroma.

Tableware – mugs and plates

Tableware look great as a decor element on the shelf as well as when being used. A cute mug and plate for your reading session is almost a must – hot tea with cookies and a book, anyone? You can get a mug that has a fun saying or illustration that associates with reading or you can have just beautiful tableware that makes you happy. Choose what speaks to you the most!

7. Lighting

Lighting at home is very important for book lovers. There has to be a good reading lamp in every corner so you can read a book anywhere in your house. The light doesn’t have to come from the ceiling lamp but a good floor lamp, sconce or desk lamp can do the trick. Just make sure the lumens of your bulb are appropriate for reading.

Lighting – room decorations

Lighting as a decor

Lighting can also serve as purely a decor piece and an ambient light mood setter. For example, there is a lamp that looks like an open book. It is not a light for reading, but it is a nice decor piece that will look very interesting and will set the mood for a relaxed night.

In conclusion

If you think creatively you can easily decorate your space in a manner that reflects your interests and hobbies – in this case, book reading. When you shop for interior design elements, look for ones that associate with reading or can be useful for the activity! For example, posters with book themes or good lighting for reading nooks. With just a little bit of guidance and creative work, you can set up an interior that will be cozy and perfect for a book lover like yourself.

June 07, 2023