To have travel-inspired room decor, you don’t have to be a seasoned traveler who has seen beyond the seven seas. Travel means so much more than just visiting countries. It’s exploring different cultures, learning about unseen places, and being open to new experiences. So, no matter your travel experience, a travel-themed home interior can be just the right thing for you. Keep reading to learn more!

Choose a destination (for your room)

Seeing places that are different from your country is very exciting and inspiring. Often when traveling to a foreign place it can resonate with you so much that you want to take some of it home with you. So when decorating a room, choose a theme or destination! It can be a place you have visited or a place you would like to see in the future.

Choose a destination

Oriental travel-inspired decor

The orient style mixes sleek functionality with bold patterns and bright colors. From the bold tones of China to the subtle luxury of Japan, oriental home decor will bring you the best vibes from Asia.

Oriental furniture

Oriental furniture will be a bold statement and dedication to the room theme. You can choose a Chinese cabinet decorated with illustrations and wood carvings. Or go the other way and land on a Japanese traditional-style minimalist cupboard.

To embrace the oriental style choose a day bed that’s a lower rise and accompany it with a low-raise coffee table. As additional seating arrange pillows around the table. Don’t forget to add a comfy rug, so it is much more welcoming to hang out close to the floor.

Oriental decors

To have an oriental-inspired room you don’t have to go all in and change the furniture or purchase specific pieces. You can get the Oriental effect with interior design elements even when paired with modern Eastern furniture.

To maximize the theme with the least effort, a great idea is to choose oriental-themed wallpaper. For this occasion perfect fit would be peel and stick wallpaper – you can change it easily and it is suitable for rented spaces as well. Try this Oriental Aesthetic wallpaper for a more Chinese-inspired room or this Cherry Sakura for Japanese vibes. You can use design elements like artwork, figurines, textiles, books, and light fixtures to embrace the oriental style. A big part of a different culture is also the specific aromas, so you can burn some incents or use an essential oil diffuser to nail the atmosphere perfectly.

Tropical inspired decor

Tropics have a specific vibe that’s full of greens and bold colors. It’s packed with unseen species from plants to birds. It’s all exciting, new, and even dangerous. Tropically inspired interior decor can bring into your home the lush vibes and richness that can be found only in tropical environments.

Decorate the walls and the rest will come

To set the vibe for the room start with the walls. Walls are the frame of the room, and tropical wallpaper prints will help you immerse in the theme so much more. There are lots of great options when it comes to tropical wallpaper. You can choose peel-and-stick or traditional-style wallpaper – that’s up to you, your situation, and your desires. Check these bold prints for your tropically inspired room makeover: Layered Tropics and Tropical Thailand.

Embrace the theme with decors and plants

Tropics first and foremost are associated with its flora. To bring that into the room decor, feel free to decorate with plants, real or fake, – palm trees, fig trees, orchids, Banana Leaf plants, and others. You will get the best results if you combine human-size plants with smaller plants, creating dimensions and versatility. For a fun twist, station a monkey or a bird on one of the plants!

Lean more toward the tropical theme with green interior elements combined with bold colors, like red, orange, and yellow. For example, you can have a lush green couch paired with red, yellow, and orange throw pillows. Choose light fixtures that resemble animals or plants and you can go for a coffee table that is positioned on a tropical animal, for example, an elephant.

Bringing the Euro trip home

Euro trip after college is a dream for a lot of people. Some achieve it, and some are still in the planning phase, but in either case, you can bring the inspiration from Europe into your home decor.

Sunny Italy

Lately, Italy has become one of the hottest travel destinations. To bring some of it home, start with Italy-inspired wallpaper, for example, Summer Garden in Italy. It will perfectly go in the kitchen or dining area. Add to the design as a decor piece pasta maker or choose a painting of pasta. Position an indoor olive tree somewhere in the room, and don’t forget about a coffee corner and a moka pot. Drink your espresso while flipping through a coffee table photobook of Tuscany.

Colorful Portugal

Portugal is such a beautiful and historical country with Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, as a crowning jewel. To bring some of Lisbon’s cool vibe home try decorating with wallpaper that looks just like the tile from Lisbon streets. It will be a perfect look for a hallway or entryway. Throw on some shelves like balconies and decorate them with various things you have picked up from traveling Portugal – books, photos, figurines, etc. Add a flowering plant to the composition. It will bring it all together and will make you feel like you are back in Lisbon.

Decoration ideas to inspire travel

A traveler is always longing to go places and rarely stays in one place for too long. However, if you are not yet a full-time traveler you might need to stay put for extended periods of time. To keep the wanderlust alive and remember why you are working so hard, here are some ideas for travel-inspired decor!

Decoration ideas to inspire traveling

Maps as artwork

A traveler’s best friend – a map. In the old days, it really was the only way a traveler could tell the way. Nowadays it has become a symbol of how big the world is, an inspiration for what places to visit and to mark places that you have seen.

There are several ways how to make a map an artwork or walldecor piece. There are old maps of different places you can frame. There are stylized maps. There are maps carved in wood you can place on the wall. There are scratch maps so you can visually see how much you have already seen of the World and what places you need to visit next. There is also a map wallpaper. Choose the option that suits best your style and taste!


Travel is not imaginable without a suitcase. These days it can be a backpack as well, but either way, you need something to put your belongings in. That said, the suitcase represents the moving around aspect of traveling.

So to embrace what a suitcase can offer, feel free to source some vintage suitcases and use them as a decor piece! You can turn them into a side table, or a bench or just use it to store some less-used items. It can also be a wall decor or function as a tray or container, especially when used openly.

Photo wall

Have you taken some amazing photos while traveling? This is the right moment to bring them out! Have them printed and create an amazing, personalized photo wall. If you are not a great photographer or haven’t seen that many places yet, that’s fine too! Find beautiful photos from different places and create a photo wall of professional photography. It can act as an inspiration for what you want to see as well as work as a vision board.


Another thing you can decorate walls with is travel-inspired quotes. It can be something written in a foreign language or just a sentence that gets you all inspired to pack your bags. Here are a few ideas you can use as travel quotes:

● Once a year, go someplace you have never been before. /Dalailama/

● Not all who wander are lost.

● Dare to live the life you have always wanted.

● We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.

● It feels good to be lost in the right direction.

You can always write your own inspirational travel quote or use something you heard on the road.

Souvenirs as decors or decors as souvenirs

While traveling we are always tempted to buy something from that place to remember it more vividly at home. Fridge magnets and t-shirts might be a good idea for some, but there might come a time in your traveler’s life when you want something more authentic. And that is the moment to turn to interior decor and when traveling purchase items that would look amazing in your home. Here are some ideas!

Wall hangings

There are so many things you can hang on the wall. A very classic but still effective idea is to purchase a painting abroad. It might be a hassle to transport it (depending on the painting style) but once it’s home, you will have a piece of that country on your wall. And that’s a priceless feeling and a very sentimental item to have as a home decor.

Next, you can scout the countries you are visiting for different items that might look good hung. Maybe the place you are visiting has some traditional masks? Bring one home! Maybe they have interesting hats? Bring that one home as well! Found a very beautiful branch on the Bali beach? Bring that home! Anything that’s somewhat flat you can bring home and use as wall decor. Try it! You won’t regret it.

Photobook for the coffee table

Photos and memories are the best souvenirs from trips. If you are not one who likes to collect physical things, collect moments! You can create aesthetically pleasing photobooks from all your travels. You can make them continent-themed or country-themed. It all depends on your travel experience and wishes. Then place the books on the coffee table and enjoy a nice evening basking into the good memories!


Authentic furniture from faraway places is the most luxurious souvenir you can get. Authentic Japanese tatami? Real Italian cupboard? Sign me up! It might be a little bit extra, but if you have the option, consider skipping the magnets and getting an authentic cultural element into your home that you can actually use!

Interior items

If furniture seems like a little too much, you might be able to bring home some smaller interior items. Look for things that the specific country is proud of and knows how to make. For example, you might consider purchasing a Moroccan lamp or Turkish rug. But even if it is not anything authentic but just something that caught your eye, go for it! It’s your home, your interior, and your memories.

In conclusion

Decorating a home inspired by traveling is exciting, fun, and unpredictable. Just as a real travel adventure. Choose items that speak to you, make them coordinated or mix and match, have a theme, or go with a broad concept – it is all up to you. Just make sure the decors you choose make you smile, uplift, and inspire you to explore more.

In conclusion
October 11, 2023